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I welcome me back...lol


@Maureeenie as stated above ^^^^ stunning photographs.


Tanks you guys. blushing


A big belated welcome back! Love the pictures also. You have an eye, what seems natural to use is difficult for others. Very artistic and creative. My daughter is the same and it’s natural for her. I try to do the things she does and it’s very difficult and never as good.

You really do have a gift for photography!


Awww… thank you. You guys are making me blush.


incredible ! what do you shoot with?? @Maureeenie


Canon EOS Series. (Not the Rebel) although I do use a rebel with a 300MM lens. It’s lightweight and with a good long lens it performs pretty well) I have a few different ones.


@Maureeenie ooo I shoot cannon too, could only afford a 700d (I believe its the rebel t5i for any Americans?) , which do you have?


Yes, in the T series, I paid about 600.00 US Dollars for it.


The Rebel with a 300 MM makes a good birding set up, I use the 60D for most things, even a manual telescope lens. This is a picture I took with the telescopic lens and it’s not even a very good one.


do you use L lenses? I would love one of them :smiley:


I use the cheapest glass I can get away with that produces the highest quality. I don’t find the L type lens to be of any higher quality mostly because of what can be done with software now. Once you master the use of manual lenses, you can pay a lot less for great glass but manual lenses are pretty useless for sports and fast moving birds.


My opinion… most people have trouble taking good pictures because they wont:

a. Use the rule of thirds.
b. Use a tripod.
c. Use a trigger.
d. Adjust their ISO to the proper light condition.


or the golden ratio! my favorite one that I can never pull off :slight_smile: and I’m more of a people photographer so need AF, and say what?!? I love how the L lenses look


@Maureeenie your shots do look good though, what lenses do you have? I might look into getting some :smiley:


No doubt, very cool!


I just bought this one: I was amazed at the quality of it for the price. I bought it for taking good pictures of the moon :slight_smile: (I am a moonatic)

I have a lot of lenses, the best are the Canon AF in a few ranges, they have so many lenses, it’s silly. My favorite for a general purpose lens is an 18 to 135 MM and shooting at 18 MP.

With that lens, you can get most images in a hurry, even birds within 50 yards and still have a usable image. If you get a 75 to 300 AF, it’s great for fast moving stuff and athletics but you cant take a close up image.

Fun lenses are fish eyes but they have such a limited purpose it’s better to just buy a $40.00 fish eye adapter. It’s not as crisp as it would be with an actual fish eye but software can correct most of that if you get an initial crisp image…in fact any Canon AF lens is worth the price but they cost a lot of money.

This lens below can also be 2X’d. It has to be stabilized to get a clear image but the reality is - it is more of a telescope that attaches to a camera as opposed to a photographic lens. I’'m really happy with it.


thanks for that its awesome :slight_smile:


Mr. Cardinal says “Good Morning, ELR”

I’ve been chasing this little punk all summer. Very stubborn client, refuses to pose. This morning for some reason… well lets just say I’m grateful. I woke up early and I heard him out there yapping. He perched on that Tamarack and I got him!


He is BEAUTIFUL :heart_eyes:


Awesome, I am jealous. Do you know how many michiganders never visit all the awesome places we have in this state?
Tragic… Anywho, you took some quality photos, very nice.