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I welcome me back...lol


Yeah, he’s really something. He calls out for his lady friends and I try to copy his calls. He’ll talk back to me as long as I wan’t to sit out on the porch and whistle back at him - but he’s been hiding in the trees where I can’t get at him with a lens.


That is so cool! He thinks you are one of his lady friends :smile::laughing:


Actually, I think he thinks I am a competing male.


He always has to “one up” the whistle. He tries to tweet out sounds I cant copy… and a lot of times I cant. He starts with a few chirps… I chirp back 3 times. He chirps 5 times, and I copy it and he belts out a string of ten and I can’t keep my whistle wet enough to copy him.


This is what he sounds like.


I love that! Clever bird! You should get a recording of him and you doing your calling competition!


He sounds like a spaceship in part of that!


I’ve thought about it but… I never know when he’s going to show up. He is LOUD, I mean ear piercing loud.


I love how his head is cocked like he is checking you out too. Gorgeous photography! The one photo in your first post, the silhouette of the bird on the water, is absolutely beautiful! Taken at just the right moment and time of day! I know it’s belated, but welcome back!! Thanks for sharing these amazing photos!


I know! That frame totally cracked me up, that’s why I posted it. I wish the light would have hit his eyes and and made them clear in the image but it’s still pretty darn cute. I got lucky. He sat on the branch long enough for me to get him doing a few weird bird things, he didn’t freak out and take off when he saw me with the camera. Maybe he knows I’m not going to hurt him now… Thank you for the compliment!