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If I were to start building


Yeah I have to say I’m not that familiar with these specific mods, that’s why I also said that she should use other materials if she needed higher resistance. Nothing prevents her from using her own builds on other mods, right? So I don’t think a little general knowledge will hurt.
These days there are also build decks where you can put your coils in series so making more wraps becomes easier.


Using a series deck will double the resistance if you have dual coils installed. So 8 wraps each of SS, in series, would give you the same resistance as 16 wraps each on a non series RDA/RTA.

For me, 16 wraps, spaced as you suggested, is hard to fit in a Goon and avoiding a hard short when the cap is put into place.


Apparently you need to read up on resistance in wires as well. SS can go up higher in resistance. I have SS that can reach .8 OHMS or higher. If you do not know about the mods do not give advice please. Or even about resistance. You might get someone hurt.

This goes for anyone trying to give advice on any mod they are not currently sure of. You giving advice could hurt someone.

My knowledge of the devices is the six Whiterose mods that I own!


You have a good mod there. I would keep anything in the range of .2 or higher. I would shoot for about .4 to .6. Your crown 3 of .5 will work. Vape with what you are comfortable with. So what it is lower in wattage. Are you happy with the mod and the vapor production?

If you are, then fuck what the rest are telling you what you need. You need to be comfortable in what you are able to handle safely. I DO MEAN SAFELY!!


Thanks bro, everything I was gonna say was way harsher and didn’t need to be said the way I was going to say it. It just drives me nuts when people post stuff without reading the entire thread or knowing the subject matter at hand.


Got you. Just trying to help they way I know how too.


I miss Walt.



I do as well.


Folks I think we need not derail this thread any more than it already is. We need to seriously help the OP. Please stop.


We’ve got her covered brother, I promise she has everything she needs on the way!


Thanks. I actually appreciate that.


With all the help I’ve gotten from this forum I do everything I can to make sure we help everyone!


@Skullblade789 I’ve been PM’ing her back and forth, she’s all set now.


Good. Thank you.


Ok. So this one time, at Molly’s house…


Trust me, you’d be sorry that you asked!!!


Do you have any idea what your asking for!?


I certainly hope that anyone on the fence about buying a @Whiterose0818 mod saw this ^^^^.


Ok. I thought of a story that I can tell here.

@Cutlass92 brought me a bouquet of roses one day at my previous job. It was a super small practice, and the doctor/owner was no stranger to be around the lobby and front desk area. As I’m walking towards cutlass, the doc says “well, Jim, you never bring ME flowers!” And without missing a beat, cutlass says, “Well, Steve, I’m not trying to get in your pants.”

MORTIFIED. :flushed::flushed::flushed::flushed:

Luckily, the doc just laughs it off as I scurry to smooth over the situation. As the doc walks away he says, “I’m really impressed he had the balls to say that.”