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I'm a noob getting over the steeping curve... How much stash do you have?


First off… from everything I’ve read / researched “aging” is the proper term so I’ll try and stick with that word whenever I post. Even though the community at large calls it “steeping”… it’s just hard for me to be imprecise, and I’m sure everyone will know what I mean when I say aging rather than steeping.

I only started mixing less than a month ago and I already enjoy it immensely… as opposed to just dropping dollars so my neighbor (who owns a juice company) can buy more cars that cost more than my house. I mean… He’s a nice guy and all but a big part of the reason I quit smoking and started vaping was to save cash. So far so good. :wink:

But whatever… I digress …

Now that I’ve been able to vape a few slightly aged home made liquids, I can taste the value of proper aging. As such I’ve been trying to mix up at least a few juices every few days so whenever I need a new flavor I’ll have a stash of ready-to-go juices on hand.
(And my friends have been asking for some too so I don’t want to run out)

**What I’m wondering is… to all of you experienced mixers… **
How much juice do you generally try to keep in the cupboard?


Between all the mixes I have going at the moment, I’d say at least a liter, probably closer to two. And I’m likely on the lesser end for the amount that the ‘experienced’ (not that I place myself in that category) mixers have on hand.


I am also at or around about a liter of Eliquids on hand generally.


I’m afraid to count; the bottles seemed to have multiplied in my steeping drawer :scream:


I have 6 coffee cans full and 360 ml in other spots. Yes when the mood hits me I can mix a quarter of a gallon in no time.


At any given time I have 300ml of shake and vapes on hand. This keeps my only buyer and myself in our 2-3 favorite mixes. I have about 400ml of long steepers in a dark closet. I try to keep about 300-400ml of @Skullblade789 on hand. Speaking of which, I need to send him some empty bottles :smile:


Yes, yes you do. Shit I get one package a year from you. Better make a good one. How many you recieved?


Your generosity know no bounds. I am forever in your debt sir.


Damn right!!!


I have about 3.5 liters steeping. Is that too much?


There was a time, early in my mixing, that 85% of my stash was mixes you sent me. Now it’s about 50/50 :laughing:


Yeah … I’m gonna need a little more space… and more ingredients. Ha ha dig it.

Alright a follow up question then…
How much of what you have in your stash is older than 3 months? … 6 months?


830 Ml as of today.I am sitting down and want to mix around 300 ml tonight.
I find it to be the only way to get some steep time. I rotate new in the back and it makes it to the front eventuality.
The accepted term is steeping.You call it hamster for all i care.If you call it other then that to someone that has experience and you might want to learn from you sound like a dumb ass. Just FYI.


i vape like 4-5 different eliquids in rotation for me (i vape over 30ml per day)… while i make for my gf and her mother too… i always make large batches… so i could say usually like 4-5 liters and sometimes more…


Sometimes the very best can take 2-3 months to become glorious, but 6 months is getting questionable and 8+ months has been my drop dead


Dumb ass? We all understand ‘aging’ - even the more experienced ones I think. You can still edit your post so you won’t come across as one yourself. :wink:


To be honest at one time I had a good liter steeping of various things. I just a massive purge and currently only have a dozen 15ml (or so) testers set up and 4 or 5 30ml bottles set (and only 1 120ml of BaN) (I think).
I run 3 different tanks all the time (a Griffin 25, a Griffin mini, and a TFV8 Cloud) and vape probably 15ml daily between them. I’m just getting to the point that I’ve decided not to overload my steeping box. Take a short vacation from mass mixing and to restart back at scratch again. While what I mix I like, I think I need to get back to the basics, I’m my own worst critic and feel I may be mixing by rote and want to get out of that frame of mind and not become stagnant.


seriously his statement isnt dumb at all , he says he understands steeping is the accepted term for the aging process but for him since its not the actual process by definition its hard for him to use it as a term , this does not make him a dumbass , however its a dick head statement imo to call someone a dumbass especially when they are correct


Right now i probably have about 1000ml of juice made. Depending on how long I push out mixing I usually have anywhere from 300ml ( that’s when I know i really need to mix because I’ll run out in a week or less) to 2-3000mls of various juices and/or testers mixed if I’m feeling ambitious. Once I get a scale that will weigh more than 100g I’m sure I’ll bump that up a bit, since right now I usually only make 30ml of any one juice at a time.


Depends on the liquid. Fruits and bakeries do mot last long. I try to let my NETS steep for 1 to 3 months. Florals always go by quick.