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I'm a noob getting over the steeping curve... How much stash do you have?


FYI- please edit your post. I would hate to make it 3 casualties tonight.


As a general rule don’t F with any of the Females on this site. They need no rescue from us Men Folks …au contraire mon frère :sunglasses:

On the origins of the word “steeping”… E-juice DIY is similar to other home-brew “hobbies” and as such shares many Brewing Enthusiasts and their more ancient lexicon. Raise your hand if you have made your own “beer” at home.

So to help welcome @VPC …Brewers historically referred to the “steeping” of the primary recipe of solids and liquids …a process that involved patient (and precise!) mixing and then waiting on extraction and fermentation as key success factors.

Clarity: when you make a cup of tea you are steeping.
when you put a whisky in a barrel you are aging.

Technically YOU ARE CORRECT, but you must also consider Modern DIY Juicemakers are cheating by using flavoring extracts, so we get to skip any actual steeping. There is Cultural resistance to give up “The Steep” as this has been the life-long hard-won secret science which separates the Men from the Monks (Trappist).

We can get a little competitive, but we exercise restraint to enjoy the benefits of sharing …so welcome aboard …and refer to it as steeping moving forward hahha


4weeks or more. Well I’m more at 8. That way I can let my mixes sit 4-6. I mix every two weeks. But sometimes I wait to the 3rd week.


If you get a new scale, will you be looking to sell the old one? Let me know if you do! :blush:


Will do! :grin:


Thanks Darling! :kissing_heart:


It might cost her more to ship it than you could buy yourself. The 100 gram .01mg scales are very inexpensive …like under 10 bucks I think. I’m trying to think of a place you could purchase locally …maybe someone else could advise. Home Brew beer supply store? Usually sold as “Jewelry Scales” …maybe even Walmart …probably in the Craft Dept


Good to know!! Thank you!! I could probably get on on Amazon with Prime and have it shipped free. I wasn’t really thinking about how much the shipping would cost. But more of, “hey, if she is going to sell her scale, and I need one…”


there are some pitfalls with scales and reasons they’re cheap. Battery powered scales can auto power off after 30 seconds etc… You also want a scale that can measure down to .01 …NOT just .1 especially if you’re planning to get a 100gram scale to save $$ Here’s one (Prime) I think most people like AWS brand scales …I have one (500g)


Have a small 500g scale for you and I think it has electric option too


When I first started I had maybe three or four 30ml bottles of juice on hand…now it’s more like a liter at any given time. As far as vaping goes, everything has increased ten-fold since I first started.
I’ve got issues


I have a digital postal scale somewhere around here. It plugs in. I have to find it and see what options it has. It may actually be just what I need. I forgot that I had it!


Thank you!! Like I just mentioned, I might have a scale that will work. I need to pull it out and see how it works and the options it offers. Thank you again! Actually @VapeyMama wanted one that weighs more than 100 grams. I don’t mix very large batches yet.


Nope, just plugged in my scale. It measure in grams, but only 1 gram and higher, no decimals. It goes up to Kilograms.


This looks like a great deal. Thank you! I am not in a rush. Would you all say that going by weight is much faster than volume?
Sorry go get off the topic of this post!!


I love mixing by weight. For me, clean up is the biggest reason for mixing by weight. When I mixed by volume, I usually didn’t make more than three recipes because of the clean up. Although I am a slow mixer and easily distracted, I find that mixing by volume is quicker. Today I mixed 8 recipes by weight in about the same time it took me to mix 3 by volume and clean up.

Amazon Prime is your friend. Get yourself a good scale that can weigh at least up to 500 grams at 0.01g increments. You might not make big batches yet, but you probably will at some point and then end up buying another scale if you get a smaller capacity one.


Very fine advice friend. I guess I’ll give my small unused scale to the Mexican drug cartel lol


What kind of scale is it. How much would you like for it?


Thank you, great advice. I found a thread about this that I was reading. It seems that as long as I dont mix under 10ml, which I don’t, I will do well with a scale. @VapeyMama told me this a few days ago too!


It is a AWS brand SC-2KGA
2000g x .1g
Nothing wrong with it but needed one that went to .01g

Since I don’t use it just pay the shipping. Send PM please