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I'm a noob getting over the steeping curve... How much stash do you have?


Yep that’s what I have. It powers off after one minute of inactivity. It’s a good little scale for making smaller batches.


To underann. I apologize to you and the group for informing our new friend that when speaking to and possibly impress An experienced mixer you want to sound like you know the nomenclature.


I think we can all relax a little when it comes to the non-offensive nomenclature of our hobby. After all, this is not a forum on the correctness of nomenclature in its absolute form.

Calling people dumbass however is not a very kind thing to do. And we like to be kind on this forum wherever possible.

Fwiw, I am not here to ‘impress’ anybody. I am here to learn, share the learned and enjoy the company of wonderful people.


You feel free to use whichever term you are comfortable with. Good to have you here :+1::smiley:


Ah yea, I’ve never had that problem, but it’s nice of you to be on the informative side, I’m sure some will appreciate it. :+1:


Totally cool man we all have a little ocd which is most likely why we enjoy knowing exactly what is in our juice. For me both terms are equally correct and interchangeable.

I keep a lot of juice on hand for customers however for my self I have a minimum of 250 ml of each of my ADV I do this for two reasons. Firstly some of the flavours I use I can only get from the U.S (I am in AU) and the minimum shipping and handling time is about a week. Secondly I like to have well steeped (aged lol) juice.

@leadpipe58 I am not sure if you meant it but your apology comes off as sarcastic and insincere (not even going to get into the whole calling someone a dumbass because I am sure you know what people think of that from previous comments). If you did mean it that way then well I have formed an opinion of you already (not that I suspect you care) if you didn’t mean it the way it looks maybe you should word it a little differently.


I have around 3 or 4lt of sellables for my regulars and around 1.5lt in 100ml bottles for me…I have developed a new problem of refusing to sell my ‘good stuff’ to people who smell it when im at work…
‘That smells lovely can I have a 30ml of that one?’
‘No!..cock off!..that’s just for me!’ (Hugs bottle):angry:

Probably why im not in business…



The proper term is “curing”, you bunch of idjits! :laughing:


I usualy have 1-2 liters of my 4 regular favorites and anywhere from 10-15 60ml bottles in various amounts that I am playing around with.


The proper term for me is “hiding”. I’m not very good at letting my juices cure, steep, or age unless I lose the bottle. :laughing:


you mean they end up in the ‘bag of despair’…

I’ve heard a rumour that many of your victims are still in there…still…at least they’ll be ok for liquids :+1:


Just put your mixes in that handbag of yours, last time you emptied it you found 9 bottles. That way you always have steeped, aged, cured, hidden liquid :laughing:


And well shaken. :wink:


I have 20 120ml bottles of juice steeping/aging at a time. I also have 20 30ml bottles steeping/aging as well. I have a stand that holds 6 30ml bottles of juice and rotate them from the 20 30ml bottles refilling each empty bottle from the 120ml bottles and placing them at the back of the group of 30ml bottles. I always remake each 120ml bottle when I empty it.

I replace one of the 120ml bottles when I add a new recipe and retire the old recipe to a saved spread sheet. This enables me to keep a good list of recipe’s constantly in my rotation while keeping the old ones for later use.


Yes, my “bag of dispair” is by far the best way to hide my juice. Takes a search party to find anything in there.


Awe, I need a .01 as well. Thank you anyway!! I appreciate it very much!! :blush:


I am with you on this on girl!! I go through the bottle I made to vape right away, then I want to pull out the bottle that I made to steep!! I need to start losing them!! :joy::joy::joy:


I’m tellin ya, it’s the best way!


I have the same problem. Can’t crack open the cookie jar or it all gets gone.