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I'm a noob getting over the steeping curve... How much stash do you have?


Over here in the UK, a 20p piece should weigh 5g. So if you happen to have 40 of them laying about…

Or £2 coin is 12g


Thanks but, I needed to make 200g. Got a calibration weight in the end. Was grand! Cheers


Mind elaborating? Was it just a nasty mix or was it something that just didn’t go well? I always like to see what people do, so as not to make the same errors if nothing else… post the recipe if you can, if it was something you thought you would like but had to dump it, maybe someone on here could help tweak it to something you’d like.


It was mainly down to me not having the right flavour %. I was testing it every few days and it got no better. The first taste test on batch 2 was miles better that a steeped batch 1 to I decided to ditch batch 1.

I’ve been vaping batch 2 now which is not by no means the finished article but closer to what I’m trying to achieve.

This is what I’m working on at the moment


I’ve only dumped 1 250 ml batch of finished mix because Pure Capella Maple Pancake Syrup is past even what I can take and I like em weird and strong but that taxed even my abilities.
Not to single out any mixers but French Dude in any configuration here is just a solid syrup overload. All bad copies of copies off a French site. AVOID !! LMAO.
Was a good lesson in mixing tiny test batches until you’ve nailed the recipe down that’s for sure as once you’ve contaminated a batch with something as strong as that one there is no recovery.
What started as a 50ml batch kept growing as I tried to thin it to a useable point and it never did get down to a tolerable point and I finally tossed it.


I have been mixing for two years or so. I tend to taste what I have mixed. When it is my Cinnamon Roll, it is great now! No waiting. Patience is not my strong suit in this one regard. I usually mix 90 ML of it at a time, and it seems about the same from start to finish. I but the Baked Cinnamon Roll from One Stop, add a few drops of sweetener, and that’s usually it. I also have some tobacco and Pink Lemonade [not getting that one again, though]. In just a couple weeks nearly half my cinnamon is gone. May have to make some when the cat is sleeping soon.


Hey that’s the exact one I have lol it suits me good to as I generally make 60mls and below at a time. 100gram limit. I made the mistake and tried 120ml one time and forgot about the max limit screwed the mix all up lol


For 10 bucks this is a great Entry Level tool to enter the realm of mixing by weight, but at some point it may predictably not meet all expectations downstream in the DIY Journey. I bought the 500g AWS 501 with an AC adapter for about $30+ as i never mix over a 240ml …it also stays on until I unplug it and has proved super durable and accurate. Some of the complaints about the 100g scales was they weren’t very sturdy and easily damaged (with too much weight).


Oh and getting this topic back on track? I used to mix 10mls for samples/tests. Now I mix 30ml test batches. You can mix up a recipe using your testers by adding them under the Little Blue Wrench as “Save as Base”. In your recipe add them as a flavor (your Bases show as flavor options) and the calculator will figure out all the %s. This helps prevent wasting all those 30ml testers and in the end you can mix up many 30ml bottles of finished juice from just testers.

The best secret is any recipe you have made a 30ml test which you LOVE, or more importantly have a long steep time, should be mixed at 120ml minimum soonest …example Custards. 30 days later if you still are a fan, mix up a 240ml …which is 8 bottles of juice! Soon you’ll have plenty of fav ADVs. The hardest part has always been discovering something so delicious to vape in that quantity.

Heh Step#1 buy 240 and 120ml empty GLASS bottles with polycone caps


ya that’s sounds like a good upgrade! And yes let’s just say I have too much juice steeping lol way too much! This is the side effect of trying to perfect recipes!


I got about 600ml steeping in my cool drawer which I shake and give an air to daily. In the draw next to it I have about 500ml of juice ready to vape, I just can’t seem to stop mixing. I love testing new flavours and combinations out, I have a nice bluckberry passion mix steeping which I’m really looking forward to. My next concentrate order is going to consist of creams and crust flavours so I can try my hand at some pudding style vapes.


I’ll stick with my syringes.


My lab
flavoring on left shelf
Top right premixed 0 nic
Bottom right my 6 nic bottles

I mix for several people found it was easier to mix at zero and add nic as needed use 100 nic base from liquid barn.


I have a hot mess, and it won’t all fit in one pic hehe


uhhh… that’s the opposite of “mess”. My office looks like a tornado hit a meth lab …er without the Meth :sunglasses:


My office looks like a tornado hit a crack whore den…er without the crack.