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I'm a noob getting over the steeping curve... How much stash do you have?


Welcome VPC, as far as steeping vs. aging, use what works.

I typically have about (18) 120ml’s steeping (for sale), and maybe 1L of personal favorites, and/or testers, and/or WIP’s at any given time. Officially my wife simply identifies it as “Too Much”…


Your vocalizations of an apology exude the rancor of a bovine flatulence.


And we love you for that mate. As in playmate. You is too fine and good to us.


Let me give you just a tiny bit of helpful advice. When you apologize to someone, spell the name correctly. It will make it look like you put an ounce of effort into the actual apology.


For fucks sacks skulliepoo. J/k. Lol. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@VPC Welcome aboard mate. Firstly, if you wanna call it steeping, roasting, benchpressing do what the hell you like. So long as we understand what you’re talking about it’s all good.

As for stash, i am but a noob too. But this weekend, I have about 3 or 4 recipes I’m going to mix. Prob about 30ml each to start off with as this will only be my 3rd batch I’m doing and

Batch 1) Went down the sink
Batch 2) I’m puffing on one mix and the other I’ve saving as it seems to be almost spot on.

Now if you want to talk about stash or bits, thats another very expensive story…


Hmm, on hand: 5 bottles at 500ml each (my premium sales juice) and probably 15+ of 30ml bottles fully steeped, plus the emporium size containers of little 4ml test batches (experimentation with new mixes and percentages).
Longest I’ve kept a batch before I tossed it… :fearful:
Well, It was probably going on its first birthday when I decided it was probably more oxides than actual juice.


About 1200ml, give or take 250ml at any given time. Seven to nine 100ml bottles and about five to ten 30ml bottles and a few 10-15ml tester bottles.


Hi Jenny. When you order the scale, buy a weight that equals the highest weight that it can weigh, for calibrating it.


That might not always be true. Check the manual, it should tell you the proper calibration weight. For example, the LB-501 (500g scale) and the LB-1000 (1000g scale) both use two 200g weights for calibration, AWS 1kg digital scale uses 500g calibration weight. Best advice would be to get one that comes with calibration weights, such as the LB-501.


That is true. My bad.
Mine arrived and only then did I realise it needed a 200gm and not the 100gm I ordered with it. Buyer be/aware :slight_smile:


Thank you! good idea!!


Or be janky like me and use a a stack of nickels! :joy:


…then I’ve been janky for a looooong time now. :laughing:


Side note:

A $ dollar $ bill $ weighs a gram.

Just in case someone is without weighs to calibrate… one can at least see if the scale is somewhat accurate. :wink:


Little old Ireland uses the Euro so no way to make 200gms for little old me :grinning:


I was TOTALLY just reading how to do exactly that before I saw this. Those weights are not cheap! Lol!
Just call me Janky Jenny! :joy::joy::joy:


Is janky like doing a ‘McGyver’? LOL


:laughing: pretty much!


Ha. That’s funny.