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IMPORTANT - Action Required Take FDA Flavor Survey. US only


Please take the time you watch this video with Dimitris Agrafiotis (time stamped) for an explanation of what the survey is about and why it’s so important for US vapers. If you don’t have the time (15 minutes) to watch it feel free to ask any questions you have about filling it out. It’s extremely important to note that there can be only one submission per IP address, you will need to submit additional people from a separate IP or phone. If you submit by phone, switch to your data account (not wifi) so it won’t kick you out if the IP has already processed a submission. Also only one submission per person, don’t create multiple accounts to make submissions. Be completely honest with your answers as the survey will be analysed by Dr Farsalinos and his team and submitted to the FDA commissioner, peer reviewed and published.

Copy link address and paste into your browser. Do not click it

Attn all american vapers! (flavor ban survey!)
IMPORTANT ! Take The Survey
Regulation of Flavors in Tobacco Products (FDA) (Comment period now open until 7/19/2018)
Call to Action:Take action to help stop FDA flavor ban

Are you sure about this link though? It’s not a survey, it’s a login screen and since I don’t have an account it’s asking me to recover my password.


Yeah it works when right click and open it in a new tab.


The link only works if you copy link address and paste it into your browser. Do not click on it. Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t know that.



I figured it out from the notes on the vid. Thanks! I just got finished. It asks some of the same questions a few times but it didn’t take that long. :wink:


A lot of work went into that to try to ensure the FDA doesn’t dismiss it on a whim or technicality. Hopefully US vapers will take it as seriously as they should.


I’d maybe add IMPORTANT to the thread title beaut…grab more attention?


How’s that :wink:


Perfection :laughing::tada::ok_hand:


Excellent information as well as details! :tada:
Especially the following:

Thank you!


Hey found a more direct link



Took the survey! Thanks for the link!


Thanks for the clickable link worked fine.

Took the survey

Thanks @DrChud for posting this.


done! survey taken. thank you.


If anyone is still having problems with the link you can try scanning this code.



And one more option is to text “CASAA FLAVORS” to 52886 and that should bring the survey up on your phone


A little bump up the page for this I think :).



Fill in the Flavor Survey if you haven’t already :grin::ok_hand::tada:




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