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IMPORTANT - Action Required Take FDA Flavor Survey. US only


I never thought of that :rofl:


Can you rename this thread" IMPORTANT - Action Required Take FDA Flavor Survey"

Until I found out about the survey from a dis related source (not here on ELR) I never even knew that it went live.

I, like many, just skip over thread titles that have “Win This” Win That’ and any thread that has the word “Giveaway…”


I’ve completed my survey.


Survey completed!


We started a campaign to help give guidance to vapers by laying out three important tasks they can take. Very easy to follow and very quick. Please help us preserve our rights! Follow this to help aid in the fight! https://savevapeflavors.com/#flavor-ban


There’s only two days left to complete the survey and last I heard it’s still not at the 30k target. If flavours go you can be damn sure that DIY will be next on the agenda, nic is already firmly in the cross hairs.


I thought folks had until JUNE? :flushed:
Or did I misunderstand?


that is what I heard June deadline


This survey is not the same thing as the FDA comment period. The comment period ends in June. The survey is going to be submitted as evidence to the FDA as a counter argument against all the “save the children” bullshit. DEAD LINE FOR THIS SURVEY IS MONDAY! Go do it NOW!


DONE, tryed to download pic. of the thank you note, but it was html…
going to get my wife to take survey, even though she don’t smoke or vape or drink !!!


It only accepts one survey per IP address so it might not let her. I think you can do it from your phone though.


she is useing the cell phone, still working on it, gona go check on her see what happened !!


My son is making all his vaping friends do it from their phones when ever they come to his place, lol.


@Mizzz_Z_Hobbit as it covered. The survey will be analysed, written up and submitted to the FDA as part of the ANPRM for flavours so it’s on a tight schedule. Lets try to get one last big push on it for today and get as many to do it as possible, don’t forget that it’s only one per IP address. Good luck to all our American vaping family.


GOD I hope everyone does their part! Ive been doing everything i can to get people to fill this survey out, IDK how many people ive told but i tell ya…ITS A LOT lol, all we can to is pray to our Vape Gods for success and prosperity. Peese bee wif u!


I don’t know if will help but I took the survey 3 times


I know a lot of people don’t like or use facebook but this chat about the survey with Dr F just went live a while ago.


DJ challenging ALL VENDORS now … :+1:

I find it quite concerning that all vapers unite immediately to bash a vendor if they’re doing something wrong but to fight for your right to keep vaping flavors…???
It just drags on and we just don’t seem to get the support that is required. Are we really such a negative bunch and can’t get anything positive done? :cry:


Thanks to all the people who’s already taken the survey! :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:


I’m hopeful and somewhat sure that all of us who could have completed the survey has.

That being said, I would have love to see vendors participate since they touch a much larger part of the community.

Just saying. Think about all the orders we have placed, sites visited…and all the times there have been zero mention about advocacy.

We here on elr represent the smallest part of the market. The mom and pop shops and online vendors do touch the other 90% of vapers.


Not nearly enough people completed it, 30000 was the minimum number that they wanted and I think they just barely made it to that target. We still don’t know what the actual numbers are as duplicates have to be removed and I have an uneasy feeling that more could be disqualified because people were openly broadcasting that they’d done it numerous times from different IP’s.

Too many vendors are more concerned with making as much as they can in the short term rather than seeing the bigger picture, which is why the market is flooded with products with child appealing and shit labelling, and IP theft. Wilful ignorance is no excuse for the numbers being so low on this.

When it comes to advocacy people don’t seem to care, I’ve heard shop owners and big US reviewers often say that consumers don’t want to hear about it. To me that’s bizarre as advocacy is the only thing that will save vaping, and you can be damn sure those same reviewers will do fuck all when it comes time to act. Unfortunately TeamFreeShit is what gets attention in this business.

It’s also interesting to note that no US scientists were willing to do something like this yet they churn junk science daily, using your tax dollars to fund it.