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IMPORTANT - Action Required Take FDA Flavor Survey. US only


That both:
Blows my mind and,
Completely disheartening.

I can’t believe that this didn’t spread like wildfire.
When you consider the “reach” (in numbers) that places like ELR, ECF, VU, and Reddit hit…

I would’ve thought that 100,000 would’ve been an easy number, much less 30k. Either folks seriously didn’t get the word, or the importance…
I don’t know what to make of it, but I’m stunned.


ya i seen on a you tube show the host actually telling people how to do it many times, i wondered how that could help besides meet the number needed it doesnt give the best data . @Sprkslfly i too wonder why more dont take the time to do something so simple but you know this was for the US and we are known to be a lazy bunch :frowning: unfortunately )


I wonder how much of it (lack of participation) was due to the feeling of “my vote doesn’t mean anything”… Or, “The FDA is going to do whatever they want anyways…”??

I get that the feeling frequently seems appropriately accurate, but for some reason, I genuinely felt like I could make a difference here.

I had hopes that with flavors being SO IMPORTANT to our getting off cigarettes (WRT vaping), that desire to participate would be an automatic…


i would bet anyone in the diy aspect of vaping that knew about it particapated but we are a very small part of vaping we have to get help from vape shops and the everyday vapor we alone arent enough, we are the most commited and i believe the heart and soul


Still. You’d think that even those who don’t DIY appreciate the flavors in the over the counter shit they buy…


they just arent as aware as we are and the shops arent either , remember this is a hobby, a lifestyle and its our baby . Vaping isnt just an alternative quitting aide for us its a passion we love and live for thats the difference thats why we stay educated and on top of stuff


That’s freaking sad, a simple 15 mins outta there day. To stand up for now and the future. Those that didn’t do the survey will be the same ones that complain the most. Just SMH !!!


Well done to everyone that took the time to do the survey and to those that promoted it especially in the last few days. That extra push made a big difference and the numbers doubled over the closing days. The last time I checked it was just over 70k, which is a very good turn out and great news because of the data it’ll generate. So again well done to everyone.

To those in the US that knew about the survey but didn’t take it, or anyone that supports companies that use what is considered child appealing labels and IP theft by the FDA, I’d just like to say that you’re part of the problem.


Well that sounds far better than the previous info!! I’m glad to hear it!

Let’s hope they can reach through some very thick skulls, and greedy eyes with this data!


The results are in, 69000 unique survey IP entries.


Thanks for the update… Seems like the word actually got enough to get us to the goal anyway. I hope it helps.