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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


A little while back I dispatched 4 x 30ml bottle of Original Milk Chocolate Inw to @jojo & they have arrived, so I think it is time to kick off our little competition give away.

If you like or have never tried Inw Milk Chocolate this may be your last chance to get your hands on some of the original formula. The formula has recently changed (due to the TPD) and just about every supplier by now would have the new Inw Milk Chocolate Feet & Band Aid Edition.

If you want to read up on the flavour it can be found here

You will find the donate button here


(at the top if you have not donated before and at the bottom if you have).

The rules are pretty simple donate to ELR then post here that you donated you will enter the draw.

1 bottle will go to the highest donation. ( as determined by @daath )

3 remaining bottles will be given to 3 people who have donated. You can only win one bottle. All the winners chosen by random.org .

The winners’ donations will be verified prior to prizes being awarded.

If you donate more than $10 @daath will remove the ads for your login, as an extra thank you.

Please provide your login in the special instructions.

You can simply write “I donated to ELR” and include a comment if you wish.

For ease of collecting participants, please keep any comments you may wish to make to your entry post.

You may donate more than once.

Please be reasonable and donate at least what it would cost you to buy & ship 30ml of concentrate.

This contest will close on the 4th of July.

Cheers all good luck let the shenanigans begin.

New Recipe Showcase 2017
Anyone interested INW Milk Chocolate Competition?

Confirmation number: 8FH52204DF128040C


Just bumping this one up so it doesn’t disappear among the rest. Come on people get in on this while you can, might be the last chance to get your paws on the old milk choc formula and at the same time helping this wonderful site out by donating.


No people DON’T listen to @Norseman, NOTHING to see here, just business as usual. Hehe, kidding, I’m desperate to get some the OLD MC, I tried the NEW one, and boy is it terrible.


On a side note, I think it was very generous of @woftam to host of these flavors, and @JoJo for her help, AND (the most important thing) it REMINDS us that even small donations to @daath are needed and welcome. Good, fast, and VALUABLE DIY sites are VERY hard to come by (in my opinion), and we shouldn’t take ELR for granted. I first donated after only ONE day of really checking this site out as I could SEE the value it was for me. I continue to donate NOT really for delicious INW Milk Chocolate (I sure hope I win, I neeeeeeed it), but because I use this site daily, recipies, and of course the forums as well.

If you like ELR (who doesn’t like ELR !!!) don’t take it for granted, and donate if you can (even small donations add up), so it will continue to get better.


I donated just a bit ago. Love this site. First thing every morning I read ELR and take my first vape of the day.


Oh ya I donated lol love this site! I use it everyday as well! This is by far the best DIY e liquid site there is and not only that, but the community is awesome :clap: Receipt Number: 2314-3576-4141-1864
lol here’s my receipt number


I can’t agree with @oldvaporuser and @GalacticResidue more…


Well hopefully it just remains us lol that’s 4 people and 4 bottles hmmmm! :joy: Oops sorry about a second post just reread the rules. My bad :hugs: Do I need to post transaction numbers?


I got my donation in.


Just donated to the giveaway but not as an entry to the giveaway. I don’t want any spot in the giveaway at all.

Donation ID 7LU66625JY5515239


What @Norseman said!

My trans ID: 2CH19915KW940240A

Thanks for doing such a lovely thing for ELR @woftam :grin:


Bumpety-bump :grin:


Mmmmm, nom nom, bottle a piece, I like it.


@GalacticResidue I forgot put my ELR username in the comments field on PayPal like a dummie. I messaged @daath and @JoJo with the transaction number, the PayPal email address, and my ELR name.


Bump it up :facepunch:t3:


Dealt with!
transaction num 9YP1944844036840K
:ok_hand: sweet work brother :wink:


Transaction ID:

done, everyone better dig deep the bar for highest donation has just been raised :wink:


@fidalgo_vapes Dammit I knew you were going to do that, …hehe


#2 just placed :grinning:
I mean donation #2