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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


Sending it up to the top again




I was hoping there would be more interest in this - I am sure the guys that have already entered will be happy with the high winning chance they have atm.



I like the high winning chance, but I only really just want one bottle. :slight_smile: Very good idea, and generous of you @woftam


Maybe the title could be changed so it is clear that this is the Original Milk Chocolate that is now unavailable to get the chocolate lovers interested.


I donated.
Wasn’t even aware of the giveaway until Lars sent me the confirmation/thank you email.
Thanks for the opportunity!


I just donated as well and am happy enough to help support the site and hang out with all you weird folks,lol.
My confirmation number is…6L6349021M818954H. Paid using PayPal.
Oh, and Thanx for even having the incentive of getting a chance for a unique flavor.


@Beaufort_Batches @AZViking @DZN @MisterSinner @Underanne @Naseschwarz @robin @MysticRose @VapeyMama @g_man2 @Pap @Leilani @SthrnMixer

You all liked or commented on the “interest” topic so I thought I’d send you a shout and let you know it’s on. In case you missed it. :wink:

Hey, even if you don’t want the stuff, you could probably sell it for a pretty penny to people who can’t live without it. :stuck_out_tongue:


Renewed my donation…thanks for the reminder @JoJo
Confirmation number: 71F226701T607994D

P.S. if I do win one of these bottles…it will be held for ransom :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: kidding I will donate it (terms and conditions apply)* lol


Here is my confirmation #4T289919985643218
I hope i do win then maybe i can make the perfect chocolate milk. Ive never tried this chocolate .so Im hopeful. :wink:


Here is my donation conformation number, 25E71954CA5006128. Thanks for the heads up @JoJo.


Thank you @JoJo Even if i do not win , i feel i should have made a donation long ago. This place is like home for me. I cant go a day without checkin in to see what you guys are up to. I will continue to support my DIY home Again thank you.


Thank you @JoJo for mentioning this giveaway to me, I will enter. I think this is @DIYorDIE favorite milk flavor.

@DIYorDIE - You should enter also.


Transaction ID: 5HT96911CX010680P

I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile, the extra nudge didn’t hurt though!



Hey guys! I have reeived a couple of donations that I cannot match to a user, and the “confirmation number” you all mention, I can’t see it on the payments - I think that’s a number for you, if you want to confirm your email?! If you can see a transaction ID, that us one I can use… For example, @Leilani’s transaction ID is 8M1982733N075554D - I don’t see the confirmation number anywhere…


Oh I see. I can see the Transaction ID# on my PayPal account.


Hey, I’ve recently donated! thanks for the amazing community :smiley:


Thank you very much for the reminder @JoJo. Been meaning to do this for awhile and just keep forgetting, which is no excuse as ELR is sooo useful to me. Please don’t worry about adding me in the give away thingie, I probably wouldn’t use it anyway. I have yet to try a chocolate that I like. Thank you though!

I’m sorry @daath. I should have done it a long time ago. It would be cool if you disable the ads though :wink: