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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


Thank you for the reminder! Going to do that this weekend.


@robin funny how that starts to happen ehhh ?



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Ok, just for this thread, I tuned up recently a cookies and cream recipe using Inawera Milk Chocolate (Old), I still have a little. Today I entered it here and am sharing an Oreo Cookie inspired recipe, it’s the closest representation I have gotten so far. Been working this a long time and am posting to this thread only. I have tried this and it’s really good, it works well with JF Milk Chocolate but Inawera just does it better,

It’s good right after mixing but I give it a good couple of days then it’s really good. Also, I know what some of you are thinking it and “no” you can’t taste the coffee from the Tiramisu. Those of you who may have some of the Old Inawera MC concentrate should try it and any that wins some. JF can be subbed and is still a very tasty recipe and well worth mixing…


Done deal! @daath , @JoJo , @woftam , thank you so much for putting this all together and making it happen!



Woooow! That just looks SO tasty!

And I think I may even have all of them, except the NF Malt and Ina shisha vanilla!!

Suggestions for subs on those two?


There is no sub for the malt and is absolutely necessary to make this work because it cancels out the coffee note in the Tiramisu, as well it also polishes the Chocolate notes and adds creaminess. As for Shisha Vanilla being the strength I want here I think it would be ok to use a FA Vanilla Bourbon or DIY Holy Vanilla.

*TFA Malted Milk will not work for subbing NF Malt here.
*FA Malt is too strong and will take over the recipe.


I’ll make a mega batch and send to you


You’re alright Russell, that’s a really nice gesture.


Truly a kind offer… But I already “owe” a couple of great folks here!

If only I could stop being such a damned perfectionist, I’d be able to get some gifts sent out for opinions/thank you’s (me saying thank you to them lol, not the other way around…)


Don’t owe me a thing if I sent. Pm your mailing address.


And same to you for providing us with a recipe to cream our jeans


BTW, have you noticed that I seem to have a knack for that kind of luck? :pensive:

I sometimes wonder how far your “evil genius” really goes… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :rofl:
Lead ME further down the flavor rabbit hole will ya?!? /trance-state “yes master…”


If you didn’t know to get the flavor for a purpose, why would it be bad luck not to have it? Just get it later when you can and use it for recipes you want to try out sometime.

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Can we mix them?


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