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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


So true Dude!!


Congrats out (again) to our …

What a crushing low for me though LOL. When this contest started, I was a shoe in for all the bottles, sniff, sniff, now, saddly not. Ohhhh, the sky highs, then the crushing lows… LOL.

Well, since THAT’S outta the way. I had ordered a small bottle of the INW MC and haven’t even tried it yet, have no clue how great the old tasted, or how bad the new tasted, and I’ve heard there are some color differences, and CLEARLY there are flavor differences. How would the uninitiated DIY’er know whether a bottle was the older or newer config ? Yes, I know, “The OLD one will taste GREAT, and the NEW one will taste like @$#%@#%^&%”. Any more details so I can crack my bottle and test out ?


Mainly by sight brother - If you go to a small supplier you may still get old formula but it is a total crap shoot.




Thanks, that picture is going to send me running back to the mix cave so I can check mine. If it tastes like a$$hole$ and burnt tires, I guess I’ll know !!!


Congratulations to all the winners!

And a big thank you to @woftam for his generosity and time!!!


Thank you @woftam for everything that you did on this! Thank you @daath and @JoJo for making this work, and thank you to everyone that participated! Seeing everyone come together like this makes me realize just how awesome you all are! I still stand by my previous statement that this is the absolute best site in and for this community! Vape on!


To all those that won: I hate you all
Just kidding. Congrats to you all and thanks to @woftam for the opportunity to win AND get some clams to ELR. Nice job!


What he said ^^^^…

Kidding, I just hate I didn’t win one.


:laughing: LOL. thanks to everyone for running this competition and to all who make this fantastic site what it is. i also wanted to take the time to thank @daath I would’ve been 100% happy to still donate and not win, but I will gladly take this concentrate so i can add it to the stash. Thanks again every one and ill be making something very special with this very well traveled concentrate.


Well said and very true.


Just found this if anyone wants to try and buy some like I did lol http://www.juicefactory.com.au/inawera-milk-chocolate-concentrate-original-version/


To the winners: congrats! I’m gonna try to get the bottles in the mail today, but it’s likely it won’t be until Monday cuz I’ve got my daughter’s friend for the weekend.

Thanks to @woftam for making this happen and to everyone who donated. You guys are awesome. :slight_smile: