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Inawera Milk Chocolate (original) Give Away


@woftam Brother, I don’t know about Jenny, but I can’t talk that much. 3 more hours?!?! :flushed:


25 min left


This Competition is now closed winners will be announced soon.

Good luck everybody.


Great Job @woftam and great job to all those who participated



Donated. Not to win the MC INW (i realize im too late to enter) just a thank you to @daath keep up the excellent work on the site :wink:


Ok I have 3/4 winners I am just waiting for confirmation on the highest donation from @daath then we will announce. Sorry for the delay my schedule got in the way :grinning:


Thank you to all the contributors in this!

There were some really generous amounts donated

The winners

@AZViking - Largest donation super generous thank you.
@Saxon2 - Cheers buddy also super generous over the 3 donations you made thank you
@DZN - Thank you - you will receive probably the most travelled bottle of Inw MC ever poland>au>usa>au
@DoY - Thank you

Please drop @jojo a pm with your delivery address so you can get your bottles.

Sorry for the delay in announcing time zones make it hard.


Congrats to @AZViking @Saxon2 @DZN and @DoY
Well done everyone and a huge thanks to @woftam for doing this for ELR and its members.


Oh wow thanks a lot!.. I will also need a paypal account to send the post costs.


YAAAY Me!! @woftam Thanks brother.


Congrats to all the winners :dizzy:


Congrats to all the winners and enjoy it while it lasts :laughing:


congrats @AZViking @DZN and @DoY


Congratulations everyone!:blush: It is so awesome that people donated, but didn’t want to enter. And to those who donated more than once, or as much as possible. :clap::clap::clap::clap:


Congrats to the winners !!!


Congratulations :tada::balloon::confetti_ball: everyone!


Well done everybody and Congratulations to the winners!
Of course, we are all winners by just being here on ELR


Congrats to all the winners and thank you to @woftam for doing this.


Yay winners! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Thanks @woftam for hosting :smiley:


Well said! Lol

Thanks also to @woftam for being the source motivation, to daath for coordination behind the scenes (as always), and to everyone who donated just because! :smile: