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Inawera Releasing Colors?


Did anyone else get the Email from Inawera about their new “Colorizer”. From what I can see it says it’s dye?

Why? They know that we don’t even want food coloring in our juice?
WTH they be thinking :confounded:



Eeww… :confused:


I’ll be staying away from this…



Yah, I got that too. Fortunately they sell it separately for the fools that want it and don’t add it themselves. :pray:


From what I understand, Inawera makes flavors specifically for vaping. Do you think that they might be manufacturing these color additives for people who use their concentrates for food? Like how some people use coloring for icings?

Or do you think they are producing this for “cosmetic appeal” for commercial e-liquid?
Like, “This must be a banana or lemon type vape because it’s yellow.”


I see a market for this


I am such an " oddball "

I think its cooooll maaannn totally dude.


We the DIY community don’t want anything on our vape juice but, I have been asked if I could dye juice so the vape clouds would be a different color! It was a kid and when I say kid I mean he is 21. I was like why would you want that? He stated the above reason and that it would be cool. I could go on and on but I will leave it at that.


I doubt it, or why would they label it as resistant to high temperatures.

It to make it pretty and fun for people. But with all the people that wouldn’t buy Lorann’s until they removed the food coloring, I don’t think they will be interested. Isn’t dye worse than food coloring? I’ll have to google fu


Maybe that answers my question I just asked. Maybe since it’s dye instead of food coloring the vapor will be colored?


I can’t even imagine how much dye you’d need to make the vapor colored…! Yikes!


Possibly, has anyone done a you tube search?



Yea but kids don’t care.


Interesting. I would never had thought of that reason.

I did a quick search online to see if colored vape is possible. This man has made a “COLORED VAPE STEAMER


Turns out you’d probably have to vape straight coloring to get colored vapor.


I see no reason not to support this. After all we support those who Vape dirty flavorings because they know the risk and determine its okay. We support consuming massive amounts of e-liquid because we know the risk and determine its okay. So why should this be any different. In the end if you attempt to stand for everything you end up standing for nothing.


Agreed. I think it’s silly and unnecessary, but people are using food coloring already and that’s their choice. I choose to vape flavors with A/AP/DA, but I avoid colors, sugars, and oils as much as possible.

I don’t think people who put colors in their juice should be lambasted any more than those who choose to use things like Cap Vanilla Custard v1.


I have no problem with colored juice. If that’s what you want, go for it. I don’t see people freaking out over all of the artificial flavors that are used in most juices so why freak out over colors. What’s the difference? They are both considered safe for consumption. Regardless, I’m an adult and I choose to vape so whatever anyone else wants to vape is fine by me.