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Inawera Releasing Colors?


Hey W.C.! There’s another one!


@VapeyMama Put me on the Eeww list please…


I get your point, but to me, doing something solely for the aesthetics is not even on the same level as something health related (vaping vs smoking).


I think its safe to say that we will NOT be picking this up for our Inawera catalogue.
The most important part of vaping to us is the flavored relief from combustible tobacco.
This seems like adding another non beneficial variable to the THR aspect of vaping and mixing for the sake of aesthetic.


Buh have been asked for this by customers from all ages. Looks nice, strawberry should be red and blueberry blue etc, easier to see what is in a certain tank and how much is left. I don’t do it not that i give a F one way or the other, its just another hassle i don’t want to deal with.

Now if we are talking health. My opnion is “GET REAL”. I mean if your going to be anal about this, i hope your anal about everything else aswell meaning

Low Flavoring

Safe flavoring

High ohm Mtl in order to reduce liquid required to get your fix

trying to quit


I mean most of us where poisoning ourselfs for years. We changed that more power to us, but i’m willing to bet only very few of us became health guru’s. And if you became such a guru i’m wondering what the hell you are doing with DIY juice. You should be on the fast track to quitting vaping the sooner the better.

So if anybody wants some coloring in their juice, i think they should go right ahead. Myself personally i can’t be arsed, i only look at my tank to check the juice lvl not to admire the pretty colors.

Deleted and posted again because i accidentaly directed it at ecigexpress which wouldn’t have made any sense


Do Lorann Oils have no colouring added?


They had some colored flavors, Bubble Gum and Watermelon being two that I remember, but then they released “colorless” versions of said flavors in the last couple of years.


Tell him to buy a laser and point it at his “clouds” lol


Absolutely valid and good point. I am one of those that love the dirty flavors. Thank you for presenting both sides!!! I had honestly not looked past my judgemental self to look at it from all angles.


Hmm I see it a bit differently I guess - I love the alleged ‘dirty flavours’ but i use them cause i like the taste the colour doesn’t change anything as far as flavour goes so I wouldn’t ever add them to a mix. Not for health reasons just that they don’t give me anything except a colour and TBH the colour of a juice doesnt make me wanna vape it.


My feelings exactly. It doesn’t add anything beneficial to the mix, doesn’t make it taste any better, and its an additional cost. Everyone can choose what they want to do, we’re all adults here, but I personally just don’t see the appeal. If I’m gonna use “questionable” ingredients I want them to at least improve the quality of my vape!


:joy: I will trouble is he’s not so bright and he might blind himself!


Lmfao :joy:


I feel ya. Like I said, I feel it’s totally unnecessary and really silly to add color to your liquid just for the sake of aesthetics. But on that same token, we don’t HAVE to use flavors in e-liquid. We could all vape unflavored and reduce our risk even further if that was our sole intent. But flavor is part of the appeal for most of us. And by that reasoning, maybe juice with color is part of the appeal for someone else. Just stating (the obvious, I guess) that it’s a personal choice and I don’t have a problem with people who make it differently than I do. Not saying you do, either.

Inawera saw a market and decided to capitalize on it. I would be interested to find out how their dyes differ from food coloring.

You can still count me OUT for colors. I don’t even buy colored LorAnn’s. I don’t care how good it might taste, I’m not vaping colors. :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve got a point, but if you’re REAL, you also know that a lot of people simply cannot quit and need a decent replacement to stay off tobacco. This is the main reason why now you see a lot more people switch to vaping and stick with it, thanks to the better equipment that gives people that throat hit, that flavor, that cloud production and nicotine delivery.
In my book, once you’re an addict, you’re an addict for life and there is plenty evidence to suggest this as well (whether you’re talking about alcoholics, smokers, drug users, etc). So it’s all going back to what gives you the best ratio of harm reduction to what keeps you off the most harmful tobacco.

Sure, there are satisfying MTL vapes and there are products in liquids that can be labelled as being “bad”, like diacetyl, formaldehydes etc. But you have to stay realistic and look at evidence what these “bad” products do. And sure, we still need more testing and more assurances, but at the moment, things aren’t looking so bad for the current vapers, especially in comparison with their previous habits and that is what it’s all about.

Dyes are a whole different story though. To me, they fall in the same category as the labeling that might attract attention from young children. It’s not done. Not to give your e-liquid a recognizable color and not to color the vapor either. This is even beyond the question of whether this is healthy or not. It is also for this reason that you’ll find countries that will ban any type of coloring and I’m in full support of it. Unlike the type of mods, attys or flavors for liquids, this coloring adds nothing that an ex-smoker would need to quit smoking. The only thing this will do is draw even more negative attention to vaping and it’s something we don’t need.


How dare you speak against the purpose of ELR!!
:laughing: :rofl: LMFAO

/OTOH though…
They didn’t HAVE to put additives in our tobacco!
(But we’d still have been sucking in the “remnants of a fire”.) :stuck_out_tongue:


Well it seems we agree on most points and only got a tiny different view on most thing.

As far as it goed with this and the kiddy attractive labeling, that discussion has been made for flavorings aswell and you have to agree cola candy flavor is far from any cigarette you ever smoked.

All in all i think this will have very little impact since i don’t see many DIY’ers using the stuff, at least not in europe and the US. I mean if you look at recipes from here or Russian or far east recipes, “our” flavor percentagesare alot lower overal and we we seem to have that mentallity to keep it more subtle.

I think the biggest inside threat from the community to vaping is the cloudz bro cloudz crew. I mean in general people will always suspect the chimney with the biggest cloud as the most dangerous.


Although most DIYers wouldn’t give a damn, look at it from a marketing standpoint. You’ve got 2 different strawberry juices on the shelf. Brand A is mostly colorless while Brand B is bright red. The human brain is gonna look at the bright red one and say… mmmm strawberry and go for that one.


True but the industrie is doing it already and that’s something we can do little about.


Yeah they’re using colorful and catchy labels so a little color is even more appealing to the consumer.