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Inawera Releasing Colors?


there is already a market for these unfortunately/hopefully… personally i don’t want coloring my ejuices… still i am not sure that everything is a good choice for vaping even if it has a food grade quality…but for not being misunderstood… i would say:
"yes, you can do it…you can paint your juice with ANY colour you wish… and that’s nice… BUT
a) is it chemical? Yes.
b) is it needed? No…
c) is it adding anything else than looking? No…
d) is it safe? probably yes… though there’s no need for using it practicaly for any other reason than the way a juice looks"
a green/red/purple/black color except some more chemicals and way of looking inside my juice has nothing more to add… so sorry… i don’t need it and i am not interested ot use it…

without being 100% sure i am thinking that certain flavors have already coloring inside them (like New Double chocolate (Cap) or Coffee (TPA)) as i said WITHOUT being sure… as someone could notice that coffee or chocolates from other companies taste similar BUT haven’t that Dark Brown near black colour… maybe/probably i am wrong…


I’m worried now… iv been smoking the double chocolate by Cap… oh well! Lol. It tastes good!!


I’d be worried too if my juice was smoking. That cant be good.


Dry ice? :thinking:


Haha… very funny!


as i said i am not sure about it… though i use double choco by cap and coffee by tpa too m8… yes… they taste great indeed :slight_smile: though even if these two flavors have coloring inside then ok,i can’t avoid them since i like those specific flacors more than other companies … but what about the extra coloring?