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Is there such a thing as a great rebuildable MTL device?


I’m seeing that the Beserker and the Rose are very similar ?


I smoked for 37 years. Stopped at 21/2 packs of Kools a day (don’t like menthol much any more). Been vaping full time since 2013. I need the draw to be a bit more open then I could get the Berserker to be.

I can’t DL due to what I assume is from crispy lung syndrome from the lenghty smoking career.

Funny my favorite all time attys are Kayfun 3.1’s. For me nothing touches it for flavor draw and simplicity. But, bottom fill kills it for me now.


They look similar in style but the Rose is a bit larger and the decks are completely different. The Rose has a much better, bigger and easier deck to build with.


Thx for sharing that @28If. I’m intrigued by the differences in the ways people vape - there’s no right or wrong way… just difference. i’ve come to believe its pretty much luck of the draw ('scuse the pun) as to weather an atty will suit your style. I smoked for about as long as you, loved it, tho perhaps not as many per day & the last 10 yrs were on RYO. I guess I rolled em tight,… which i guess, is why I love my Berserker.


Von, I started out on the tightest draw stuff I could find. Just slowly wanted it a bit more open. The only thing I do find is that I don’t take as long of a hit with a more open draw.


Because of your lung condition I guess?.
I’d be the opposite coz it’d seem like I wasn’t getting anything (even though I was prob getting more :joy:)


Wanted to thanks @28If for the Beserker he sent out now that I’ve had more time to play around with it. VERY nice MTL rebuildable, hands down. Was a little nervous at first, as with a single 3mm ID coil seemed like it wouldn’t fit in the deck, but it did. Vapes really good, at maybe 3 dots off the bottom setting. Flavor is great. Shifted over to the bigger glass, and liking it very much.


I am glad you like the vape. I wanted to like it.

Curious if anyone can recommend me a MTL RDA. I have been using a Magma RDA for years and years and she’s starting to show her age. Mainly for recipe / flavor testing. A single coil with the draw of a Kayfun v5 ?


Check out the SXK Hadaly clone. Single coil and side airflow that allows a restricted lung hit on the fully open position. Uses 510 drip tips and you can drip through the stock delrin tip. The clamp system for the coil leads is a bit tricky, only thing I don’t like about it, but don’t have to change coils often. Can be set up for squonking and flavor is excellent.


I have heard great flavor from pcyclone’s replacement the entheon while authentics are expensive, there are sxk versions available


@MaxUT Thanks for that. I’m still liking the Beserker @28If hooked me up with, but what I’m noticing is a lack in flavor compared to my older setup. I’m going to play around with coil types, and coil heights next to see.


Thank you @worm1


I’m checking some of those out now, and all seem to be RDA’s. I had been looking for a great MTL tank setup, for a small, carry piece that was rebuildable. Small, tasty, and no leaky are big plusses.


Kayfun 5 in a tank I have a true svoemesto and clones

look at post 62

or this


yep, rdas, seems thread took a slight derail w/ @28If 's question.


Thank you @MaxUT

Very helpful.


Thank you @worm1.

I’m going to order both suggestions.

Sorry for the derail @SessionDrummer Now back on topic. Not sure if it’s been mentioned but I really like the Doggystyle clones and the chuthu mtl. Both good flavor. Easy coiling and wicking.


Wanted to thank @28If again for the generous beserker. After all of this time using it, it hasn’t leaked a single drop, given me any issues, or anything other than working great !!! Thank you.


SD, You are welcome and I’m happy your’e enjoying it.


Kind of excited about the new GeekVape Ammit MTL RTA. Should have one in the next couple of days. Top air flow, easy build deck and I think 4ml capacity.

I have been using their Ammit MTL RDA on two squonkers and really like them. Looks to be the same style deck and air flow set up as the new RTA.