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Is Vape Crafters gone?


I just went to check vape crafters’ website and it seems its no more… Anyone know anything about that or if they’ll be back?

Medicine Flower Suppliers

My guess is they shut down or were shut down, due to regulations, etc. I don’t see the link on our page anymore and giving what they do, they couldn’t stay within the guidelines of the FDA and submitting their “products”

Just a guess though :wink:


That would make sense.


If they quit providing e-liquids and just provided premixed bases, they probably could have under the guise of “candy making” or what have you. Cest la vie. Another one bites the dust.


I removed them from ELR a while back, because I found communication with them impossible :stuck_out_tongue: Now it seems they have gone belly up, judging from their website…

I really liked the idea, and their prices for concentrates were amazing.


Yeah I went digging (with no answers to be found elsewhere) and ran across a lot of people saying their communication was awful. Its a bummer because I agree the concept was great.


They were how I tried Bust A Nut before owning the flavors. I got the pre-mixed concentrate and it was very good. I found later after buying all the proper flavors that VC was not going 100% by the recipe. Like I said it was good, but it was WAY, WAYYY off. They were obviously subbing flavors.


Now that would piss me off. A lot. I’d rather just not be able to get something than think I’m getting one thing and actually get another.


Well by the time I got all the actual ingredients for Bust A Nut there was a lot of time that passed and I had raved about it having only used Vape Crafters one shot. So much time that complaining didn’t seem a good idea. But I have tried to keep my ear to the ground in case someone else had a similar experience. I just don’t think Vape Crafters was all that popular although I too think it was an awesome concept. Just like @BullCityFlavors community recipe packs. With that though you can be sure you’re getting all the proper ingredients.


Well, it is October and it seems they are still no more. Pity, I was hoping to get small amounts of MF from them as they were the only place (that I knew of) that had MF in stock.


Damn… I saw a post in this thread and thought maybe they were back. :frowning:
You can find MF here, https://www.goodearthbeauty.com/catalog/flavor-extracts … Looks like they have a lot in stock. And you can get 10% off with “geb10”.


Do we know of anywhere that has smaller quantities of MF? I was looking to try a few out without committing to a whole bottle of it.



They dont carry them all and sadly they dont carry the two i use most, vanilla and strawberry. Im grateful for what they have tho.

And use the Flavorhunter25 code on their front page for another 25% off the sale price.


Ya I think they are phasing them out. They don’t have a lot of what they used to have. How about it @ecigexpress are y’all phasing Lotus out?

Oh ya @Pentine MF is Lotus at ecigexpress


What Ken and Dan said. I’ve bought all of mine from ecx so far but yeah, there’s only select ones there. :confused:


Yup, they are phasing them out, I have already tried all the ones there so I was hoping another site had them in small quantities.

Shame vape crafter is gone, they had the whole line in small bottles :sob:


I had thought about trying a group buy but several of us had some likely memorable words with them in the past.


If I hear anything I’ll give you a shout, bro.