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Joyetech Dolphin


The newest Joyetech Starter Kit is the DOLPHIN. Give this along with a bottle of juice to someone you care about who wants to stop analogs.

Standard Configuration:
1 * ATOPACK DOLPHIN cartridge
1 * ATOPACK coil ( JVIC3 1.2ohm)
1 * ATOPACK coil ( JVIC2 0.25ohm)
1 * QC USB cable
1 * Quick start
1 * Warranty card
1 * Warning card
Spare parts

Size: 100.0mm x 50.0mm x 31.0mm
Weight: 91.0g or 0.2 Lbs
Cartridge capacity: 2ml/6ml (mine is 6ml)
Battery capacity: 2100mAh
Max charging current: 2A
Colors: black, white, orange, blue, yellow
Output mode: direct output (Max: 50W)
Features: dolphin-like appearance, JVIC system, mouth-to-lung, direct-lung, easy refilling, transparent tank, 2A quick charge

Charge the battery, prime and insert the coil for your vaping preference MTL or DTL, fill the cartridge with e-liquid, wait a bit and enjoy.

The tank with the coil in place.

The tank cartridge slides into the battery.

Innovative and exclusive JVIC system
Joyetech has creatively developed their JVIC (Juice Vertical Injection Coil) system for the ATOPACK DOLPHIN, which realizes the horizontal vapor flow to bring you perfect vaping enjoyment.
It is a cotton wrapped micro coil in a ceramic casing with a e-juice contact system that perfectly wets the wicking from the top. But the airflow system still goes horizontal through the center of the coil for perfect vapor. And all the time the coil is below the bottom of the e-juice reservoir so the liquid stays cooler.

Vape Mail 2017!

Vapemail post had us hanging but now we see what it is. Thought perhaps it belonged in the underground threads somewhere :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Good job.


Thanks for the review, man!


Nice review man! One question, am I the only one who thinks the picture on the box looks like a Killer WHALE? Come to think of it the dolphin on the mod looks like an Orca too.


got the 1st version, the penguin, lovin it. nice looking for the dolphin.


It’s still a Dolphin :grinning:

“The killer whale or orca is a toothed whale belonging to the oceanic dolphin family, of which it is the largest member.”


Well feel like a dummy. I probably should have learned that in high school zoology. So dolphins and whales fall under the same umbrella?


Dolphins and whales use umbrellas??

Great review @CosmicTruth good to see your getting sorted :+1:


Thanks for the review @CosmicTruth :smiley:


Believe me, i’m still unsorted, just came out of hiding for this review :slight_smile: