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Juice Factory flavors


after greeting

is there any one try Juice Factory ( shisha super concentrate ) ?

really it is amazing

I want to know what kind of tobacco flavor on it !!
I didnt try 555 and some type of tobacco

and is there any online shop sell it in USA ?

I dont like all tobacco flavors
I have tried ( 7 leaves , monson , RY4 , royal FA , virginia , storm , gold ducat , cubano , perique black , dusk , turkish )
I like ( ry4 , turkish , monson , royal FA ) only

thanks all …





I am fairly sure (not 100%) that the sc that Juice Factory carry are the same as the https://www.vapingzone.com flavours.


I have tried most of JF super concentrates. These are very nice alcohol base flavours. That are very easy to mix. My favorite tobacco from JF is real cig. Not overly sweet. Havent tried the shisha though.


They are the very same. The only difference is that Vapingzone is more expensive.


General note:

Please exercise caution so you do not confuse Juice Factory with Jungle Flavors!

Especially in the flavor database!



I wish the flavor maker was on a pull down type selector to standardize that part of the flavor database.
FA is not the same as TPA


here only SC for real flavors



…never heard of them haha :smiley: are they any good?


@DarkJester89 @Adam89 these are actually very good flavours and are indeed up there with the best of them. The selection isnt massive but the super concentrates they do sell are excellent. 🖒