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Just vaping pictures


Oh yeah


On break while in class in Seattle and it’s slightly drizzling hee hee wouldn’t be Seattle w/o the drizzle !


grime city, flavour country


And that’s when I’d toss that coil lol


experimenting with sweeteners. Juice has quite a bit of liquid Sucralose in it. gunks a coil twice that in a day. Finding sweetneers arent my thing. Taste pretty good though.


Oh no wonder that coil was gunked up boy I would stay away from sweeteners hee hee or wrap more coils !


ya, not seeing them add much to flavour, probally just lead to more cavities. nothin a little heat and water cant fix though lol laziness :+1:



My Nemesis sitting around while I test a unit.
Told him to hang on to the leads for me.
The look I got back was “Hey, I’m an outdated Mech with no hands,
what do you expect”!


Probably why I retired.



Cool vape band brother. Wink wink wink.


Hot looking vape band on that Boreas! :thumbsup:


I’m taking the Vt133 for a spin today. I have the Boreas loaded with my Sweet n Sour Melons and I must say it’s tasting great. It has over a months steep and still as clear as day 1.


Just made 50ml of juice sitting next to my daily work horse. Lets hope it works out nice. Now for the wait! :weary:

The juice. http://tjek.nu/r/5Eyd



I can’t post mine this time of year
Vaping in a tree or with a deer harvest would upset some viewers so in March when I start fishing again I will post one on boat
Plus the deer have really good noses


Now don’t catch all the good eating size ‘specs’, and I know you won’t get all the flounder.


Good morning to mix up some juice


So you’re saying when you’re not asleep you’re in a tree stand? LOL - reminds me of a song title from Def Leppard


Caught the bubble just right.