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Just vaping pictures


Beautiful day in South Cackalacky. Sun almost gone and the cool is setting in. But I’ve had enough of these bad boys to not feel it so much :slight_smile:

Love the vape rig shown. I’ve touted both pieces ad nauseam, and will keep on pushing both until every man, woman and child who vapes owns one! :thumbsup:


what exactly is that set up


Noisy Cricket II and a Goon.


Yep same setup. 0.12 ohm coil on Noisy Cricket 2 in series regulated mode with a goon is unbelievable. Just a touch too hot in parallel mode for me.

25$ mod amazing, only the dial being too hard to turn is the drawback. But hoping it loosens up over time.


I doesn’t lol - I use tweezers to turn mine it is about the only way to get a grip on it unless you have donald trump’s hands


I can twist it with my thumb. Maybe if it I twist it back and forth whenever I’m bored?

If I get tired of it, I might play with some good RC transmission grease that sticks to Plastic. Got a syringe to get it a small dab in there. Then wipe of the excess. Definitely a “con” as every reviewer ever puts it.


Let me know if you find a solution - I was going to try to take the whole mod apart and see if I could loosen it off but I can’t find a way to disassemble it at all (yet)


Ok I fixed it :grinning:

I got a dental tool (see pic below) I put it under the pot button and lifted the button out (it is just a press fit) under that you can adjust the pot with a phillips screw driver. I just turned it backwards and forwards a few times then pressed the pot button back on and now I can adjust the pot very easily with my thumb not that I adjust it much but it is nice to know I can now do it easily if I want.


Mmmm, lol.i have Dental picks just the same for picking out dirt from my cars. Lol, I’ll try that when I get home. Just to be clear the plastic button pulls off and away if you get the pick behind.

Nice work


Yup and it is just a case of lining it back up to click it home when putting it back together you will see what i mean when you take it off very easy and effective fix


Very nice. Now the question remains, why do you have Dental picks, saving money? Backyard Dental shop?


heheh handy when pulling apart phones/laptops/tablets (and it appears noisy cricket II) and of course backyard dental work lol I mean who doesn’t do that.


Oh yes it’s a dremel, won’t hurt a bit


I used to think it was hard to adjust too. But I found that if I use my thumb without pushing in at the same time it moves very easily. Figured that out day one and been moving it that way ever since, so it never occurred to me to say anything.

I also don’t adjust it very often. Just once per build. I love how it doesn’t move around on its own.

Uhhhh, what? In series it’s 7.4 volts with fully charged batteries compared to 3.7 volts in parallel. Did you mean too hot in series?


Next time you got to the dentist ask him he had any spare dental picks. They are excellent for helping you tuck wicks and work them around. I use a dental pick every time I wick up an atty.


Old school mod…



A very nice vape and a drink for your lady. Not too shabby. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I don’t always drink, but when I do, I drink alcohol. Even if it’s some fruity something that makes folks question my heterosexual street cred. :laughing:


Next thing we know your going to be drinking a Zima with a jolly rancher. :joy: