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Just vaping pictures


Pretty much the same but I never do a picture on top. Just gimmie the coffee and vape. lol


The timing is perfect. Zima is rumored to be making a comeback.


First time I had Zima I was married to my ex. It was a very hot day and my riding mower had taken a dump on me so I was mowing our 1.5 acres with a push mower. Wife returned from shopping and I was pretty much parched. She had Zima. The first one went down in like 15 seconds. Then the rest of that 6 pack was gone in the next 30 mins.

I loved it. Zima was one of the absolute most refreshing alcoholic beverages I’d ever had. I hope it does make a comeback. It’s a stalwart champion against boredom and throat rot when it’s 105 in the shade.


No selfies in this thread?! Let me fix that. I’m quite the hot mess atm, but I’m out of the house without the kids so I’m happy! Getting some flavor testing done on the run. :wink:

^^^ yeah, I duck faced. Smdh.


Hot mess??? I don’t think so! That’s a very cute picture… and I don’t mean your mods.


A newbie since Dec. Loving this DIY and the community that it comes with


You are a stunner! :blush:


Aww thank you and @Lolly! :kissing_heart:


No. No, you’re not :slight_smile:


I love and miss Seattle so bad. I used to visit there every summer when I was younger. I also got stationed in Bremerton. I absolutely love it there.


Ok, duckie, out in your joggies…I get it. What I don’t understand is how you do a selfie and both your hands are holding mods. Hmmmm…what are you hiding?

LMAO!!! :laughing:


It’s magic!!! (Aka selfie timer :wink: )


Dang it. I was thinking that a 3rd arm would make a helluva photo - if not an interesting conversation :slight_smile:

This week has been too long. I done gone all goofy.


Hot Miss
Lol isn’t that what you meant
My wife is still hot
It just comes in flashes she says


Hello all!
My three stooges!!!


Almost no overhang at all with the aromamizer on a pen mod


Even with OCD you can see that this is working out just great, no problemo what so ever. :laughing:


That’s hilarious! Best thing ever! Btw…is that a Highlander vape band!? There can be only ONE! Then cut the drip tip off and suck all the power out of it


Nothing super impressive. It’s chore day cleaning bottles. But atleast I finished my flavor testing on orange vapes today for the most part.


I had bottle cleaning day early last week. Hey! now you make some new mixes! I think I mixed nearly 20 new mixes.