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Ketchup/Mustard Squeeze Bottles for Large Batches



I have recently found a few recipes which I liked. With the 60ml bottles I have, it gets tiresome to make these recipes in small batches, then make them again so soon. I plan to make them in large batches, (240ml). I wanted to try a cheap option for those bottles. In Walmart, I found Ketchup/Mustard squeeze bottles for 97 cents. this seems like a good deal to me, especially if you keep in mind that ordering from online vendors would cost extra shipping fees. It’s really not that big of a difference in price since I’m only getting 3-4 bottles, but I wanted to know if these bottles were alright to use anyway.

My plan is to mix in these ketchup/mustard bottles, let the recipe steep in it, then whenever my 30ml bottles finish, I could just squeeze the amount I need from the 240ml into one of my smaller bottles.

The question is, what is wrong with my plan? is there anything I haven’t thought of? perhaps this kind of plastic would negatively affect my ejuice? or is it a fine idea with no problems?


Not that I’m the best resource for all things mixing, but I used those for a year without any issue (except they are cheep and don’t hold up well). Mine were traditional red and yellow though. Makes a difference!! :grinning:


I’ve looked at those myself and wondered the same thing. I ended up going with mason jars from Walmart . Only to find a cabinet full of them at home in the laundry room in assorted sizes.

Thou I have bought plastic lids for the mason jars recently …


Benefit is I can mix in the mason jar then put a lid on it. And they also work well with the mag mixer.


I should mention they’re kind of ‘weepy’ around the cap base too. Not made for such thin liquids.


Well, I have thought of getting the jars, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be easy to transfer from the jar to the small bottles when ready to vape. how do you do it?


Funnel or syringe.

Syringe - less mess

Funnel - usually have to clean the top of the glass.

If you order from liquid barn they have 500 mill squeeze bottles for .49 cents last time I checked. I added 20 of them to an order since I was wanting to start getting pg and vg by the gallon


Only red and yellow bottles are weepy. That’s why i’m gonna get myself clear ones :grin:
but seriously, I’m glad someone else tried this. Still, I don’t know if these were same quality as the red and yellow.


Got me! Mine were $.99 for the pair so not exactly top of the line. But for picnic bottles, maybe they were.

They do OK if you don’t squeeze the VG too hard. That tends to squoosh the bottle too much and forces it out under the lid base. I’m too impatient so I always got frustrated waiting and squeezed to firmly. I’m talking about the bottle, @Cutlass92.



I wish I knew that before I made my order from them last night :sob:


The biggest issue I can think of with the condiment bottles is that they might not be airtight, which might affect your finished juice after a steep. I’d give them a squeeze test before buying them and see if any air gets out when they’re sealed.


If they not shipped it call bob he might be able to add it to it


good idea.

will do that as well.


For large batches, I would personally only consider glass bottles because all plastic is porous and will get tainted and nearly impossible to get a flavor / smell out after long storage. Even for my 30ml bottles, I still prefer glass no matter what.

But obviously, this is a very subjective matter and you should just use what you feel most comfortable with.

Not to mention that plastic really isn’t a very ecological product… you should watch some documentaries while enjoying your tasty vapes.


I think it’s worth mentioning that I stored the VG and PG in those bottles to make mixing faster, not any finished juices. But the experience still applies.


Because they are soft bottles I don’t think they would be as good as a hard plastic bottle to steep in. They also leak and weep horrible.

I’ve picked up several of these from Walmart


Serves two purposes, you can use the VG and you can clean and use the bottles over and over.


Oh, I thought you were talking about the ejuice liquid earlier. Yea that was my concern, what effects might it have on the ejuice if I mixed and steeped in them.


Plastic is just easier to dispense from.

can you suggest one for me?



it’s a well documented problem though, google will return plenty titles…


They are so awesome. I contacted Bob to add 4 bottles to my order, he added them for free. :heart_eyes:
So far, I have never seen customer service as good as Bob from Liquid Barn and Kimberly from One Stop DIY Shop. Based on a few previous experiences with both of them, they were always helpful and generous.