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Ketchup/Mustard Squeeze Bottles for Large Batches



Yea bob is awesome…


I do as well-makes for some of the easiest pouring when bottles are on the scale! Plus, I can keep my VG heated in the crock pot and not have to worry about water getting in and spoiling my mix.


These are exactly what I use for my pg, vg and 3mg nic base for testers and mixing. But for for steeping it’s strictly glass for me.


I actually stopped storing the VG and PG in them because I got bigger ones. They’re more hawkward but they hold a LOT more so I’m good with that. I keep my 100mg nic in the red one now.


Why not 4 steeping?


I keep my 100mg nic in amber glass bottles in the freezer. I use a 36mg nic base in a little more air tight bottle for use in larger mixes (120-240 mls). I keep this in the fridge. But for 30-60 ml testers I use a 3 mg nic 80/20 vg/pg base, I do use these ketchup bottles for my testers, because I run through them rather quickly and I’m not so worried about nic degradation.

BTW, I have a couple dozen or more 15ml glass bottles, but for long term steeping, they just don’t hold enough juice for the testing I require.

i could just be me, but I find that glass is more air tight and I worry that some plastics degrade with some more volitile flavors.


@Zak2017 @TW12 is right. These won’t let you down …


Crap @tartarusspawn already dropped this link.


The one thing that worries me the most about mixing and steeping in plastic is the warning on some flavors… “May Crack Plastic”.

Tanks use a much tougher plastic than these ketchup bottles, but it might crack in less than a day of storage in a tank. So I can imagine what long term steeping and storage for large mixes might do to these softer plastic bottles.

I’m concerned they might melt or seep unwanted chemicals into a mix with more volatile flavors.

The above statement is hypercritical on my part because I do transport my finished juices in Clear PET Plastic bottles. I’m not sure if it offers any advantages, but discoloration can be seen in case of plastic degradation.

Considering I have quite a few unused 15ml glass tester bottles, it might time for a change to glass bottles for ejuice transport and tank refills.


@Pro_Vapes brings up good issues. I had been using simple LPDE bottles for testers forever, even things with Ripe Banana, etc., I’ve never personally had any visible issues. I did however switch over to PET because they offer a far better barrier both in and out, and are more resistant to issues. Sure, they’re a little stiffer, but they work fine with 70v/30p with needle tips.

I’ve not had any cracking issues like the condiment bottles listed above, but they never got the CHANCE to. They were cheap, and food grade, but SUCKED for ejuice. As others have mentioned, leaked, weeped, and forced me to throw them out ASAP.


I switched over after @Walt_RealFlavors commented about storing the RF SC flavor line in the PET was best for plastics. I was low on the LPDE and needed new bottles anyway.


I have to say I am reluctant to use plastic with a few flavours (pay attention to the warnings in the database). When I put a mix on the stirrer I cover it with a plastic tray this it what Golden Pineapple Pineapple TPA did to that tray in an hour - now this was not even in contact with the juice.

I think it is more the hard plastics that are affected but TBH I don’t wanna find out the hard way.


I only use those squeeze bottles from liquid barn to store pg and vg. As for finished products I use glass all the way. Just feel much safer that way. Although some flavors with warning about cracking plastic tanks, they do come in plastic bottles, thoughts on that?

The thing that I notice is almost all premium juices will come in glass bottles. Could just mean it looks more expensive compared to plastic so to speak but it gives you something to think about. Maybe the quality could improve rather than deteriorate over time.


Do you find any difference in flavor of finished product between glass and back when you use plastic during steeping?


TBH a lot of what I made back then was pure crap. So in a comparison I’d say yes, but I really don’t know if what I made back then would taste better in glass.

Me going glass was because I wanted uniformity and reusabilty in my mixing containers. At that time I had no thoughts about volatile flavors and plastic.


From a comment I once read about storing nic… it stated that plastic is a porous material that allows moisture and air to enter or escape and cause nic to degrade. I think this might also affect mixes to an extent. Whether or not it will ruin a mix is beyond me.


Most of my 0 nic premix are now stored in the liquid barn 500 mil bottles for past few months. Really don’t notice a change in flavor other than they get better with time.

I mix 300ml at a time for those bottles. When they finally empty plan to wash them out. But put the same Flavour back in… so if the Flavour or aroma lingers after washing not really worried about it


I have similar ones from amazon free shipping, and they are great. Haven’t tried walmart ones though. My are sturdy and don’t leak


I use those exact jars and lids. They even have measurement lines on them 50ml 100ml 150ml and 200ml. I like them a lot and don’t plan on using anything different.


Yes, you sent me some pg in one of those bottles and I still use it. They are decent bottles.