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Ketchup/Mustard Squeeze Bottles for Large Batches


It also allows other strong chemicals (fumes) to permeate, it’s the reason you never store water bottles in a cupboard with cleaning products :+1:


Just reading this makes me wish that companies would post the grade and quality of their bottles. Not all PET is the same in my testing… Nor is LDPE. (It makes our jobs a lot harder…)


Now that’s freakin Scarry !! I went to New Mexico to a military base were my granddaughter and daughter live. Just not to long ago. I flew there, and TSA is really particular on security including glass,plastic bottles filled with e-juices etc.
So my daughter had some blue & amber glass bottles in her cupboards and I just figured let me see what’s up with these empty bottles some with glass drippers & some just simply capped. All empty just the same. 120 ml,90 ml,30ml etc… She said she had used them for flavor extracts & had been using them to add more flavors to her foods,coffees. She knew I was “attempting” to mix my own juices too save lots of money & be able to spoil the grandkids even more. I boiled them all out(the bottles not the granddaughter), put them on the Plane. That was 9 months ago.
So the other day it was like a bolt of lightening just hit me. Duh, why am I wasting even more money on unicorn bottles to mix in when I’ve got the glass bottles. Just kinda forgot them I guess. I’ll be using them now as testers & for steeping and storing. And use the unicorns for carrying around. Brain Fart !! P!ease excuse the long stories on everything. The wife won’t even walk near the rabbit hole much less venture down it at all. She gets no excitement about DIY or any of its properties. So when I say " I nailed it or I’m gonna nail it, she thinks I’m making sexual innuendos toward her lmao. When I’m simply talking about a recipe. Hence my excuse for rambling on. We’ve literally have 1 B & M in our one horse town and just opened app. A month ago. Up to that point I really thought I was the only person in this joint that vaped. Boy was I wrong come to find out I went up to check out some coils and lo and behold there’s 3 of that actually Vape here. lol
J/k there’s 5
Anyhow thanks for listening, I feel better now.