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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


Yeah…it does suck…I have never had such bad internet suppliers…ever…and it’s not even like its really great service…it goes out every time there is a storm!!! I hate satellite internet! But when there aren’t any other options, I don’t have a choice…It’s the only thing I don’t like about living in the country…


Life quality over anything else i guess.
Guess sacrifices has to be made sometimes.


With kodi and the right addons you can watch any sporting event in the world live and for free and I mean any event even ppv fights


For him it would be $10/GB which would add up fast.


Yeah, it sounds like kodi is an awesome alternative to cable, but only if you have a good internet supplier/plan…mine is way too expensive to try it right now, but thanks for the info on the sports because if I couldn’t get those it would be a deal breaker anyways…but now at least I know what I will get when I move to an area that has the verizon fios that I used to have!!!


I believe it’s “her” lol but ya I know that sucks


And if your a “torrent” type… PM me… :wink:


Absolutely! Thanks!


Ive been using Kodi for a couple of years now on a couple of devices, A Amazon TVbox in the lounge and a Nvidia Shield in my office.
When I first started I used to download all the different repositories but now I just use a build, which has them all on and the build gets updated about every week by the builder so its pretty much plug n play.
The best build I have found is Paradox it has all the sports/films Tv and music you could want and has a very simple menu to access everything.
I would recommend it.
It can be added to your Kodi by adding source paradoxwizard/repo
You will need to register on the website to get a password and username, pretty much like you do here.

You can find out more and register for username and password here with full installation details


Give it a try it takes all the hassel out of finding the repositories


I’ve been thinking of upgrading to the shield… How do you rate it??? I have an ARNU pure Linux and a 16/2 gig android… But I’ve been thinking of getting one is it worth it or could I just get another android with an octa-core processor??? What’s your thoughts?


I was wondering about the Shield as well. It comes up in the top 5 everywhere, but it’s a bit pricey. I’m currently using an mxIII G 2/16GB and it’s working OK. I admit that I really know nothing about Android boxes and I don’t use it for anything but Kodi.


I have 2 shield tv boxes and about 20 other android boxes which I used for testing. I will tell you right now the stv is the best by a long shot. Ignore the antutu benchmarks quoted by any box in the spec most of them cheat by changing a few values in the build.prop.

The stv is the best box I have but it does have a hefty price tag. I would suggest if you can afford one spend the extra coin it is well worth the investment. I would also say if you can afford it spring for the pro (500gb) rather than the 16gb as some of the apps for the stv are very big (or at least grow very big with cache).


Well, I guess I better save up then. Thanks for the info.


Ive been running it since XBMC was first released and it is still running on that XBOX and used on an old CRT TV. I dont really use addons much at all, i have a few MXIII Android boxes that i stream media from my network with. These boxes can be found on amazon for like 40 bucks now, 8gb storage, 2gb ram, 2ghz quad and an octo core Mail GPU. The remote sucks but Yatse for Android is incredible and i use a mouse/kb combo when needed.

Now i havent read the entire thread and i apologize for that. When i do require using an addon i generally use Exodus or Phoenix’s Incredible TV. This is pretty rare tho .

I got a couple for my parents and they use nothing but the addons and love it and it is easy for them to use. I setup the repo’s and taught them how to grab new addons so if one craps out i dont have to run out there and fix it.

Also you can easily sideload Kodi into amazon devices and their remote is pretty damn nifty.


Could not recommend the shield more it is a great box and very quick, I personally would not bother paying for the 500gb model its just not worth the extra £££.
You can just buy a ext hdd or good quality Micro SD and it will format it and use the space as internal HDD space and its far cheaper


I used to use Kodi when it was XBMC years ago on the orig xbox. It allowed recording of shoutcast streams. Anybody know if it still lets you record shoutcast? I’m looking for an app to record, but can’t find a free one.

I’ve got it running the Shoutcast 2 and Soma FM apps, but don’t see a record button. The player controls in full screen mode used to have a record button. Maybe they don’t allow it anymore… idk.


Have you tried using something like CamStudio ? Works great.


Thanks. It looks like it would work, but would record everything into one big file instead of separate tagged mp3s.


Here are a few more (I found them on the server)

Use the check boxes to select which ones you want it will make a zip with them in it to download



I’ve been using Sports Devil and cCloud for live US TV but lately it’s crapping out on me. This past weekend I had to wipe and reload Kodi and it’s still crappy. Anyone have any other sources I could try?