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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


Which device are you using? Oh ya android… Try using an apk called mobdro. It’s pretty good as a stand alone apk… But as I always say to the wifey… It’s free …all iptv will go up and down…


I’ll give it a shot. Thank you!


That worked great! I can watch news again. Thanks!


Anyone here built their own wizard to install their builds into Kodi? I’ve had a seriously difficult time finding complete, understandable, and working method to make a build installer wizard. In the past 2 days I have learned a whole lot about installing my own builds. I can manually install my builds now into a clean freshly installed Kodi. It’s actually not that hard to do manually. Just delete 6 folders and install your folders. Your build is there. Shame it’s not that easy to build a wizard to do the same…


Neo, if I install Kodi on my fire stick do I need a vpn? :upside_down_face:


Nice! If you ever figure out the wizard, I wouldn’t mind having this on mine. Great job!


Some services will be blocked by virgin media, a VPN can help bypass that


Also remember the Kodi remote control app for your phone, as long as your connected to the internet it will work perfectly


Okay, I really don’t know ANYTHING about “Kodi”, but thought I would check it out. I current use (or occasionally use) Serviio which is on my desktop puter, which (I guess) is a media server and somehow a few years back I figured out how to get it connected to my bluray which in turn allows me to list and watch whatever is in my “library” (hard drive directory on the computer) on my tv.
On the other hand, when I travel, I’ve connected my laptop up to tv’s in motels via a hdmi cable and just mirror the screen and watch movies I’ve downloaded. I keep my movies on a portable hd (that I either hook up to the laptop or (when home) desktop).
My question is:
Is Kodi used to stream to my tv via the computer or should I just install it on the laptop and connect the laptop to the tv via hdmi at home to view it’s comtent… or is it manily a stand alone media center to watch it on the device it’s install upon?


Kodi when installed on a laptop can stream movies from many sources using repositorys or play films via files already stored on your device.

I run Kodi from a raspberry Pi 2, connected directly to my tv, which allows me to also plug a USB pen drive with films on and watch / control them via a remote on my phone over the wifi

You would have to connect your laptop to your TV via hdmi or whatever it is you use to watch Kodi based videos


So I take it the majority of the time using Kodi so done to watch movies and such on/from the device it is installed upon, correct? I understand some people may stream to other devices, but often it is used to watch on the computer or droid or whatever it is installed on…?


You watch it on the device it is installed on but you can cable it to a proper TV if you want, Kodi used to be able to use apples airplay, at time of writing this doesn’t work.


I go from hdmi in my desktop to hdmi in the TV. The way I set it up the TV is a extended screen rather than a mirror or even separate screen. In other words I can send my mouse from the computer screen straight over to the TV just by breaking the plain of the outside edge of the computer screen (does that make sense?) I go from computer screen (left) to TV screen (right) in one left to right motion of the mouse. To further help, Kodi has a system setting where you can set Kodi display on either as a Window, or set to Display #1, or Display #2. It works great for Extended Display. setup from computer to TV. On computers/laptops or even tablets/etc (not connected to a TV), I run Kodi in Window Mode. Reason I do this is Kodi does not make it easy to get to your Desktop should you need to. If you run it in Window Mode you always have your Taskbar visible and easy access to whatever you need…

I should also mention my computer sits next to the TV. I do have a Hardwired computer monitor across the room at my desk. I use both wireless mouse and wireless keyboard for input. I should also mention Kodi will work well with wireless mouse and keyboard INCLUDING bluetooth wireless mouse and keyboard…


I’ve had my fire box with Kodi for about a year and I hardly use it now, I just couldn’t get the quality, I sit probably 3 feet away from my TV and I’ve really become accustom to HD, Originally I got it for football but it rarely worked for that either. :confused:


Extended desktop…

@Pugs1970 There are many options now but I know what you mean about quality


yeah I’ve turned into a real HD snob now, my TV is getting on a bit, about 6 years maybe and it just won’t die, I forked out on the Panasonic 42G20 which in it’s day was awesome but I want a 4k now haha…


I have a Samsung from 12 yrs ago it works perfectly fine but I won’t download a film unless it’s a blu ray rip lol


Me neither lol, RARBG always do good copies, never shit, my go to for downloads :+1:


Was going through my morning emails (really late) and came across this if anyone is interest. Don’t know how long it will last.



I just started using kodi this week. my cousin set it up for me. so far it’s awesome. waiting on xbox one controller adapter for pc so i can keep lying on my lazy ass