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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


OK guys/gals, finally have a build wizard and am ready to share…

First click link and download the ZIP file. Download button is at the top right.


Put this file on a flash drive or a sd card.
You will need a new install of Kodi Jarvis 16.1 or do a Fresh Start


Find the wizard on the drive you installed it on and then click on it. This will install the wizard in Kodi.
You then will have to go the VIDEO ADDONS and run the wizard.

You’ll probably find this build to be interesting. It includes a library of both Movies and TV Shows from Specto Fork and you can add even more when browsing Specto Fork. This has Playlists you can check out to learn how to create and use. Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know how you like it should you install it…


put-locker.to works for me perfectly.


Won’t work on Krypton 17.X?


Yep, already outdated. With all that going on with kodi at the moment any build from a few months ago most likely would have next to none working apps. It’s not a good time for changing builds…


For anyone looking for a very reasonably price VPN, check out this place. So far I’m quite happy with them…



I know it. I miss my Exodus


I’m a firm believer that anyone using the internet for any reason should use a vpn. Spectrum has been sending out notices if they see unusually high traffic on your account. Most of my friends have received a notice and they don’t use VPNs. I have yet to receive one - YET.


Do you know how to download a zip and get it installed in Kodi? Here’s the zip for Exodus…



You sir, are what the awesome people bow down to.
Thank you!


whoops, not working. I get a redirect to an image stolen from ares-project jpg.


What??? OK, hold on, guess that was fake news…lol. I’m having troble finding the one I wanted you to see. Let me keep looking…


Looks like all the earlier fixes have been taken down because Ares Project took it over. Here’s what you’ll have to do now…



I got it too. So I copied the link text, put in a note pad, then copied that to my address bar and it took me straight to download.


holy crap, that worked! Learned something new today. Thanks Robert!


Looks do-able. Thanks again.


Add this to your file manager sources just in case you need it, and you just might.


You should install the url resolver there. It replaces the TVAddons url resolver and can fix a few apps that aren’t working. It should be force updated and I can tell you how to do it if need be…

Also there is the Elysium Repo which replaces Zen…


Guys, you should join this group on Facebook. You’ll be able to keep up with the changes a little better if you do…



Tired of being asked to pair devices when you have no intention of doing so? Here’s your fix…



Hey guys, while Kodi is a legitimate and legal app, some of the other bits are questionable. Please don’t hyperlink from the forum to them. Sites can tell where traffic is coming from using incoming links and if they can, it’s possible they eye in the sky can as well. Better to be safe than sorry. I’d hate for our home to get invaded for something like this.


Yes, kinda understand. How did you fix that, remove the http in front?