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Kodi TV, Are you using it too?


Yep, or put spaces between the http:// and the rest of the link. I think putting the links in a preformat box would work also. Highlight a link and click the </> box.


That way people can still get there, but they have to copy and paste the link and it doesn’t hotlink.


I’m a bit late to the party, but I have arrived. Checkout GearsTV. Truly the best app on Kodi…


While KODI is great, there are other ways to watch movies free. The next best to KODI IMO is TerrariumTV. Google it, then simply download it. Its very simple, and you can even download the movies if you want. I think it works great.


I just installed it… THANKS!


I don’t use it, but had a friend who got wacked by the sub-title hack. Make sure you’re updated !!!


I’ve been using the fire stick hooked up to my pc that is attached to the living room tv. I had a “duh” moment when I realized I don’t need the fire stick if my pc is already hooked up. I can use KODI directly on the pc. I need to set that up now. :smiley:


Make sure you get a vpn


I’ve got Private Internet Acess setup on that box. Was trying to figure out how to enable it on fire stick and realized I don’t need the stick.


I just use popcorn time on my pc. :wink:


I have to redo my Kodi setup… Thanks for the heads up!


Here in the UK a lot of ISPs have blocked access to many of these streaming service repository’s but we get the occasional one that works.


I have to disable PIA to watch Netflix or Amazon. Not sure how they know I have it enabled.


NFL Sunday Ticket included with Gears TV. Watch any game you choose weekly.


Gonna have to check gears out.


Hello just wondering if i need to deelte kodi 16 to upgrade to kodi 17 ? I tryed to delete it and then add kodi 17, but now nothing works. Should i reset my firestick to factory settings ?


Are you saying Kodi 17 IS installed? If so you now need a build and I will be able to help you out with that. If Kodi is not already installed then delete 16 version and install 17 with Google play. Then you will be ready for a build…


Ok i will re-install kodi 17. Thanks


Do you use a firestick or a android box. I think i need to upgrade. Im not sure which box would be the best.


I use the h96 pro+ 7.1 Android box, 16/32 gig. It’s been a good box so far. Had it about 4-5 months now. Do you know how to add sources in the file manager and how to install things from Zips?


Just so you know, this is old news and resolved with version 17.3 of Kodi. We are now at 17.5 Kodi as of this pass month. Not that big of a deal for most anyway since you had to use subtitles to be vunerable plus actually run across the malware to have problems. They are of course covering all bases with the fix…