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List of giveaways for your pleasure


Hey guys,

I compiled a list of active giveaways on my site, and after a little chat with administration of ELR i decided to post it here for your pleasure.
Please note that all links to giveaways don’t include referral links, and my site will always remain free, add-less and spam-less.

Good luck in the giveaways!

I try to update the list of giveaways every day (time permitting of course). If you find one that ended, or if you want to add a new one to the list, feel free to message me and I will take care of it ASAP.


Great idea!!


Just updated with a few new giveaways


Didn’t even know you had a website. Nice! :nerd_face:


Thanks! The site is mostly oriented toward Israeli vapers, but it is in English because ‘reasons’ and everyone is welcome to browse it :smiley:


I second that ^^^^.


Updated with fresh giveaways.

Hopefuly one day I will win something as well :slight_smile:


Love this! Thanks!


Daily bump. Two new giveaways listed, Expired ones cleaned up :slight_smile:


Another bump. Some new added, some old removed :slight_smile:


Bumpity bump.

New giveaways listed.

Even tho I bump here every 3 days on average, the page is still updated daily!


I actually won one of the giveaways! Thanks so much for this link!


I’m very glad to hear that!


Yet another bump. List cleared up, and end dates added for all giveaways.

Still updated daily!


Bunch of new giveaways added today. Some close soon so make sure to check them out :slight_smile:


New giveaways added to the page. Don’t miss the massive @Heaven_Gifts giveaway that was just added!


List cleaned up, updated and a few nice giveaways added.

Good luck everyone!


Another bump here.

List cleaned up, updated, and still being updated daily!


Updated with a bunch of new holiday giveaways.

Worth checking out :slight_smile:


It is realistic to win in gleam? Or should I try and believe?