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Long Lasting and Reliable Mods


I dont like built in battery either. Having batteries ready, in and out and vaping right away is a plus.


HohmTech G2 and Voopoo Drag, steady useage for 1.5 and 1 year respectively, still going great.


Definitely agree with you here!

For your consideration:


I use Voopoo Drag too, and i feel like it’s the pickup truck of mods. Doesn’t look pretty, just reliable. using it for a shorter time than you (Late August), dropped it a few times, and still fire up as usual.


I wont buy another built in Battery mod again either. I spent $180 on Flawless Tuglyfe DNA 250W TC Box Mod
and it lasted 2 months o r less. The last month i got countless errors. The final error was service warranty and it stopped taking a charge.

I contacted Flawless through their site and they were short and rude to say the least. I sent the mod back to them on my dime and will see what happens, but i don’t expect much.

I did learn a lesson though in who NOT to buy from again.
Knowledge is priceless


My very first mods (and still only) built-in cell mods were Tesla Sidewinder II spinners. Part of the starter kit. They were actually great but once I learned more I knew I needed external cells. The Sidewinder II’s were the old 510 USB charger thingy’s, do they still make those types for charging? Back then I assumed all mods were like that. It dangled from the dongle while on charge and looked a bit phallic, but leave it to me to think that.


One of very first devices I owned was the Innokin MVP that had a LiPo battery pack. Not only was that thing durable and reliable, I still have it :slight_smile: and it still works after almost Five years of use! The battery pack only lasts about an hour, but it works :rocket:


wow 5 years! thats amazing. Mine would last half day of vaping at least but such a disappointment to break so fast


the visuals i got from this post LOL

They still make them usb cord chargers, I always plugged it in outlet though, it seemed fasted to charge for so me reason


I plugged it in to a phone charger, but the dang 510 adapter was so short, well, it dangled. Do they still sell mods that require the 510 charger too?


Yes they still make and sell ego stuff.



Seriously I would go with a @Whiterose0818 mod any day and anytime of the year. No hype, just real results man. I have not been disappointed at all with his mods. Quality mods.


Butt-kissing in the wrong thread man!!!

Kidding, kidding, of course. I haven’t personally seen one but from all accounts they are indeed the real deal.


Get one and then you tell me what the fuck you think. I think it will change your opinion.




Maybe I’ll get one, then not tell you what I think, just to irk you further. :+1:


Ohhhh, okayyy. I am irked. You really do not fucking know me. Your feelings matter not to me.


You’re right. I don’t know you. I didn’t know a little joke would be met with such displeasure and I apologize.