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Long Lasting and Reliable Mods


Just a grumpy old man.


Enough with the insults, I apologized already.

Oh, you meant you.


I’ve had my Pioneer4You IPV3Li with a Kennedy clone for 3+ years (don’t remember when I bought the setup). It was my only mod/RDA. Used everyday, went everywhere with me for years. Even 4 hour drives to Las Vegas. Dropped it many times on carpet/tile/concrete/asphalt… usually getting into or out of my car. It looks like shit, but still works.

Upgraded this year to a Captain PD1865, but still use the IPV3Li every day.

Received my Aromamizer Plus last week, dropped my Captain/Plus setup and broke the glass in less than 3 days, right after I filled it up… :scream:


Yes, me. Lol.


@Cutlass92 @Lexie3 Speaking of Ego stuff, I still have original, first gen iStick 30w’s still kicking, and will not, NOT take a charge. Beat up, but keep on working. How’s that for a bottom of the line mod ?


Well, SON of a GUN. Back when I was using Ego batts, and bridged atty’s was picking them up in bulk from Mike, and dammit, he’s STILL on line, AND, he has the coveted iStick 30’s hehe…



Where can i see these? Im interested


Hey @Whiterose0818 I think someone need your assistance!


I remember when those where coveted!


If you Google “White Rose mods Instagram”, you can see some of his fine work.



Thank you sir


Here’s mine57fddb5f67a8df1db02271251144bb6072becd69_1_374x500


Thinking about getting the wife something from him for her bday! All depends on how things shake out here over the next week.


Thanks would be a great birthday present. All kinds of brownie points for that one.


Um your welcome, :rofl: I talked to him about one several months ago but couldn’t get it worked out, so hopefully I can in the next week or so.


I saw him last month at the vapors Carnival here in North Carolina. He said he was expecting some materials with a more feminine touch to them. If Miss Molly is into that kind of thing. I haven’t talked to him lately so I’m not sure if he got them in. But if he did, I need to get on the ball with it too, my wife wants one too but it has to be girly.


The only thing I have to remember with her is that her favorite color is green and loves frogs!


My wife wants pink, purple, and possibly unicorn to charge it and push the button for her.


I know you @Skullblade789, and wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays out to ya !!!