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Long Lasting and Reliable Mods


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I don’t know about a unicorn but I definitely got a horn for her.


Hey when you said pink and purple unicorn I figured that was your sexy time outfit.




Omg yeeesssss! And maybe some glitter for good measure.

Sounds like your wife has good taste. :wink:


My latest addition to the fam.



@Skullblade789 is that an 18650 ??


No, no. It is an N1 box with a 3s Lipo.


Good taste…that’s debatable considering she decided to reproduce with me. However, her mother and father owned a bar/liquor store where she worked behind the bar, so she was a booze wench and she too would like to bath in FA Butter.


Her and I need to be friends apparently.


I haven’t been here very long, but I think you should watch out. I think he’s actually talking about you!!! :open_mouth:


You probably would like her. Very few can rest her charming ways, and if you try to ignore her, she will just fart, cuss, and keep talking until you do like her.


Your’s does that TOO ?? !!!


Quick update my friends! I received my new LostVape Paranormal 166! I loved my Therion (RIP) so I went with Evolve DNA again based on the great reviews.

I have to tell you about my great experience with https://www.myfreedomsmokes.com

I contacted them, they send me a prepaid postal label and asked me if I prefer credit or replacement. In a couple of days I received my new mod. Excellent costumer service. With that kind of service I feel confident in getting my gear from them.

Also, the eleaf iStick 100 I got in a local store is working very good so far.

So if you can keep posting both long lasting and crap gear here so everyone know from your experience.


Have to agree. The Noisy Cricket V2 is a fantastic mod. Cheap as chips, and kicks like a mule. Can be run in parallel, series, or regulated series. And it is safe.


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thanks, @Cutlass92!!!


Hey I gotta hook up the best mod builder!