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Looking for a good Blueberry recipe


I can’t seem to find a decent Blueberry recipe. Just Blueberry. All I can find are creams, waffles or muffin recipes where Bavarian Cream seems to be the top-note flavour, even though there’s a higher %age of blueberry flavours (though Smurf soup is pretty good) . Any ideas?
I have FA Bilberry, TPA Blueberry Wild, TPA Blueberry Extra & CAP Blueberry.
Many thanks




alright if i where to put a straight blueberry recipe together with what you have i would start with something like this.
blueberry extra (TPA) 4%
blueberry wild (TPA) 5%
bilberry (FA) 1%
hope this helps!


Thanks Cutlass92. I’ll give that a go. I have many other flavourings besides the blueberry ones mentioned if needs be.


Not a problem, let us know how that turn out!


I really like the blueberry in this, you can add whatever you want. I replace the pear fa with Quince sometimes and the yogurt with menthol. I think it’s a pretty solid BB.


Thanks therabidweasel. Looks good. I may give that a go sometime - have none of those flavours at the moment though.

Cutlass92 - I will let you know but I have a tank full of my own version of Smurf Soup which I am really enjoying so don’t hold your breath :slight_smile:


I get it bro, no rush, just curious how those percentages work out.


Cutlass92. I tried your suggestion. It was okay but I feel it needs something else besides the blueberry flavours to give it a bit of a kick. I wouldn’t like to use it as my all day vape. I’m really trying to re-create a commercial e juice that at least two, possibly three, local manufactures have created - they’re all pretty much the same, all just labeled ‘Blueberry’ and taste great so I thought it might be a well known recipe. Thanks again for your suggestion.


No problem, what’s it missing? The flavor will mature after a week or two.


I don’t know what it’s missing. I haven’t got close to what I’m looking for. I let it steep for about 4 days before vaping so I’ll try it again in a week or two.


Are you looking for more bite, more tart, more sweet, or just a different flavor all together?


Cutlass, it’s hard to say. More tart perhaps, if I had to say something. Would love to send some to a master mixer who may be able to recreate it. But don’t worry about it I have the Smurf Soup recipe which is a great alternative. Only problem - there’s not much of a throat hit with it.


Bump up the pg if you want more throat hit, you might want to try adding boysenberry or maybe some blue raspberry. You could add some sour wizard. I know where are a few other fruit flavorings that will add that tart you are looking for.


Perhaps a touch of lemon or lime would help get u closer to where you’re looking to go. Should add a touch of tartness and help the BB to pop a bit more


Yep, I’d add lime, and/or banana. I’ve heard that banana (just a touch) can help bring out blueberry.


I’ve tried higher PG before but stopped doing that for some reason I can’t remember. I will revisit that option though. Do you think a little Citrus Punch (TPA) would help the TH?
I’ve no banana at the moment but have lemon/lime (CAP) so may try that What about Citrus Punch? Would that work Thanks all.


Made this as a final recipe and it turned out great! Ive tried many blueberry variants, but this is my best by far. Worth a try.


Thanks Aunvik. I have all but three of the flavours required so I’ll give it a go. I may initially try by substituting Blueberry (Inawera) for Blueberry (CAP).


You can try that. The inawera blueberry is alot stronger and 2 % might be in the lower end of what CAP is recommended at. But it doesnt stand alone as there are 2 others in combo. Regards Marius