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Looking for a rebuildable mtl tank


I’m with you there brother, that’s why i swear by my kf5’s. Small lip either side of the screw which holds the wire in place, not limited to just round wire builds either, nice flavour and just soooo easy to use.
I’m happy with what i have and after trying umteen rta’s, at quite an expence, I’m sticking with what i have. :+1:
If it ain’t broke…


Goblin Mini V-3… Merlin Mini…Both have excellent, nice sized build decks with fairly small chambers, and short chimneys…Excellent air flow controls and are a breeze to build on…Vape is spectacular…and MTL is fantastic, with the air flow controls…My 2 “go to” tanks…Have a Kayfun Mini V-3 clone that I got for cheap and it too, is an excellent vape…although it has a more difficult build deck…


Yes, that is the one I have heard is a banging M2L…I personally have the Kayfun5 (2 of them) clone but don’t find it to be a M2L, although it is a very nice restricted lung vape.


I use the mid sized restrictor (not sure on the mm size) in my kayfun’s and love the vape i get from them, i also like the flavour from my goblin v3 as @Flavor_Alchemist has said. You can restrict the airflow right down on that for a good mtl or open her up for a restricted dtl
Sounds interesting the skyline, had a look at it and like the idear, but I’d try a clone first. :blush::+1:


I don’t have any restrictor inserts for the Kayfun5 (not sure if they make them for the SXK clone?) and only am longing for a M2L once in a while. My preferred vape now is a single coil restricted direct one, the Merlin fits the deal well and if I want more restriction than my usual K5 wide open I close it down a little more. I’m pretty much over m2L and def over clouds bro clouds multiple coils that just blow through juice. (even though, naturally I make my own).


It’s the smjy clone that the inserts fit, that’s the one i got and an authentic.
I mainly use my mtl in the morning, the old lungs ain’t what they used to be :roll_eyes:, but i use my rta’s and rda’s throughout the day and later on revert back to mtl vapes.
I do have the merlin for single coil restricted dtl in my rotation, but atm I’m loving the Sherman rta.
Best flavour rta i have, even over the boreas.
I’m all about flavour aswell, I’ve done the cloud thing, MORE POWER!!! , but got over that faze quickly :joy:
Thank god we do make our own juice, saves money to buy more mods. :sunglasses::+1:


@delboy666 I’ve bought and tried almost every MTL RTA (mostly high end clones) under the sun and I still swear by the Kayfun Lite Plus V2. I had the Kayfun Mini V3 and thought the flavor was ok. I haven’t tried the Coppervape Skyline clone yet (got 2 on the way in the mail) but I still love my KFL+'s more than anything else I’ve tried. Why because great flavor, easy to build, low juice consumption and they never leak. Plus you can find so many after market acessories for them. Anyways if you get a chance give one a try.



You can also buy the RBA head for it which will make you go completely postal!


The skyline clone is good, but my personal recommendation for a tight restricted mtl rta is the sxk doggy styled clone. This tank is fantastic. It’s the simplest tank I own, and can compare it to k3 mini, k4, skyline, gt3. so easy to build and wick, flavours is fantastic. Had it a couple of months and have never had it leak, gurgle or give me a dry hit. And it’s about$12 on fasttech.

It has 3.5ml capacity yet it’s tiny, using it with my ehpro mod101 in 18350 mode it’s just the perfect set up for out and about. Can’t recommend it enough, really.


Agree about the SXK Doggy.
Easy to build, wick and nice MTL.
Joins my old kayfun lites in the rotation.


I have purchased the sxk doggy. And the bloody Mrs has nicked it so will have to get another. Only issue is have is opening it to refill seems to stick like sh*t to a blanket, so much so that on a number of occasions I have had to resort to getting pliers out on it.


Yes it can be a pain at times to unscrew the tank from the base.
But, after years of dragging around a ‘needle top’ bottle to fill my kayfuns,
being able to top fill is a blessing.

It’s all about the flavor for me, and this one is worth the hassle.

( I usually have a rubber vape band on the tank when I’m out and after taking the AFC
band off, slide it down to get a grip to remove the tank, works nice for me )


I certainly agree about the finiky nature of the V3 build deck, I have lost count of how many times I have had to get up out of my easy chair to take care of “atomizer short” error !

I would suggest the OP get one of these to start his journey:

SXK mini V5

This is a forgiving build deck design, the flavor is top notch, and he does not have to loose any sleep over “I hate myself for buying a clone”,…

He should also check out this excellent review of the V5mini…


Personally I have been enjoying the hurricane v2 over my authentic kayfun v5 because it has a bigger airflow. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to an original crown with the airflow cut down.


Thanks Pattie, having some trouble finding the restrictor set, maybe I’m using the wrong search term… Any hints where I might buy such an item?



Hope that helps bud.


I use the 22mm Kanger Mini sub-tank - 510 thread. It’s a aweosme tank, I got 3 of them because their is a clearance sale going on. I build with kathal 32 guage wire 2mm inner coil length (in wrap my coil with little screwdriver that comes with it). And I do 6 wraps and get 2.3 - 2.4 ohms and run 7 - 9 watts it is perfect. I also use 50/50 juice with 12mg nicotine and the MTL is perfect and fairly decent clouds. I highly suggest getting this tank while it’s half off for $13.99 .



Another great on with rebuildable coils is the joyetech ego one (v2) with the clr coils.

I like it for its flavor, price and i can rebuild a bunch off coils when i got the time/ am in the mood and just change coils when i don’t have time for building.


Couldn’t agree more, about Ego One / CLR coil combo. There are a few Joytech tanks that use the CLRs. Ego One, Ego One Mini, Ego One Mega (V1 & V2) Tron S, Tron T. They can all use the same CLR rebuildable coils, and they all work wonderfully as MTL set ups. The CLR’s are a breeze to rebuild (no screws to trap leads).

They’re also easy to maintain. Base, coil, tank, & drip tip. One O ring. That’s it. They’re starting to show up ‘out of stock’ more and more, but you can still find 'em out there.


For mtl i keep going back to the Aspire K1. Tried many different ones but the K1 works really well for me. Running it at around 11 watts, coils last 3-4 weeks. It’s not perfect, opening and filling it can be a bit of a pain and you can’t really take it apart completely.
My mtl liquid is 60pg/40vg at 8mg nic, mostly using an adapted version of Custard King.
Most promising alternative was the Aspire Triton mini but i still prefer the K1.