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Looking for a rebuildable mtl tank


Goliath 25 has a lot of build space. 6ml capacity…multiple airflows for exactly the hit you want…me and the hubby love it.


Thanks for the tip!!


I have several MTL RTA devices: Kayfun mini V3, Siren 22 and 25, Doggystyle.
I like them all, each in his own way.
Recently I bought Le Zephyr (clone by FastTech).
It is easily configurable in the MTL mode:
Cotton wick, coil diameter 2.5 mm Kanthal 0.4 mm(AWG 26) 5 wrapes
Airflow – three small holes.
I can compare it closely by flavor with a Doggystyle.
It is in my constantly use.


@delboy666 How do I unscrew the Doggy

@Spatchka Yes, agree


How did the Coppervape Skyline clone compare?

I can vouch for the doggy style, but I’d sure like to get a non-plastic mtl rta, and I’m afraid I won’t ever use one that has the tiny fill screw in the bottom (like the Kayfun Lite Plus V2).


As the Le Zephyr is an RDA (or at least doesn’t have any showing up as an RTA at Fasttech, anyway), any advice on favorites from the others?

Preferably non-plastic tanks, with top-fill.


Right now appeared Kayfun Prime (2 clones) on fasttech.
Exact MTL device as declared the manufacturer


I didn’t care for the MTL vape on the Skyline. The chamber is too big for a good 5-6 wrap, 28 gauge, 2.5 ID build which I like. Even using 26 gauge I wasn’t getting the flavor I had hoped for. It was really well built though.


If you want restricted MTL draw, I’ve only found one rebuildable with the air-flow capability

Bit it’s now discontinued so I’ve ordered one of the only ones still made - hope it’s as good as my first one… If it is I’ll be retiring my modified Siren 22 (a 1.4mm hole drilled at the ‘off’ position on the AFC ring)

I’ve already retired my KF5 Mini after only 2 weeks as it’s still too airy for me, even with with a DIY restrictor.

Just ordered one of these based on 'Six step exterior adjustable air move from 1mm – 2mm", and the deck looks like a KF5 which is SO easy to build on. Although it will have to be pretty spectacular to beat my UTA2. Will let you know…

I know the subject is rebuildables but I’m sure noobs wanting information will end up here and might appreciate a couple of non-rebuildable options. I can HIGHLY recommend the Kabuki and Nautilus 2 tanks for flavour and restricted air-flow. For me the best flavour by far came from Aspire’s 1.5 Ohm coils.


I think more important for MTL mode is the form and size of the nozzle. The slotted airflow…
I also ordered the Prime.(ETA 10/17/2017 :frowning: )


By nozzle do you mean drip-tip? I really like the ones like you get on the tips of mini cigars :slight_smile:


Sorry, I mean an airflow hole under the coil.


Agreed small holes into AFC ring combined with a big slot under the coil will give a bad vape. Big holes on the AFC ring and a small slot under the coils will perform a lot better.


Flash e Vapor V4 or Flash e Vapor dD (20ml!!!)
Easy to wick, never Leak, undestroyable, Great MtL
clone V4 under $20 and dD (der dicke -> the fat) und $35

I have one dD and 3 x V4 and 1 V3




This looks like a KF Prime deck, which I now have two of, and are my daily vapes - MTL at it’s best :slight_smile:


I would have agreed with you until I got my UTA2. It has a 3mm 'ish hole under the coil, and you can adjust the AFC ring infinitely down to zero, and it provides spectacular flavor. But the KF Prime is better… (!!)