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Looking for caramel


Does anyone have suggestions for a great caramel flavor?

Caramel - nothing but trouble for me!

Salted Caramel FW but it will wreak havoc on coils.
Caramel FA and Flavorah are both really good.
Caramel Candy TPA used to be my go-to before Salted Caramel made its way into my life. :wink:


Oh they all sound delicious right now :). Thank you. I think ill try the TPA first and then the FW…I went to bullcity right after your post and I ended up getting both the FW salted caramel and the TFA. I’m going to try your “salted caramel” recipe.


But it’s totally worth it!
Fa caramel is always in my rotation, too. And those two together make a :bomb: caramel sauce!


Basically, caramel is one of the “you’ve almost got to try them all” flavors (much like strawberry or Blueberry) because there’s so many types and preferences out there.

I prefer Cap Caramel. FA was too dark, TFA was too weak, and tasted a bit burnt. Haven’t seen the need yet to try FLV (though I know I will, just being my thorough self) since I found satisfaction with Cap’s interpretation/representation.


What do you wish to do with the caramel? Bake or make a candy with it?

@Sprkslfly mentions this. Lots of preferences for the type of vape.


I’m not sure yet. I love caramel and wanted to start experiment with it. Do u have any good recipes with it? I like both the baking and candy profiles. I also ordered the Ry4 double. I hear that has a caramel flavor too.


I almost ordered the CAP too. I’ll have to get that one on my next order.


Thanks @VapeyMama! I’m on a caramel kick right now. Maybe the cooler weather is bringing that on :). Fall vapes


Jazzy, Hangsen Caramel Toffee, it’s yummers.


I loooooove caramel!


I love caramel too! I’m gonna have to try em all!!


I use a lot of FA for bakery vapes. I havnt made a lot of just pure caramel vapes.

But I urge you to think butterscotch…if going for a pure caramel like type vape. I like mf butterscotch…but availbitly is poor. So next in line is flv…and of course FA for small supplemental notes.

Then…tiramisu FA can help bend butterscotch back to caramel in tiny amounts along with vanilla shisha inw.

Just food for thought.


Oh yum! Butterscotch and tiramisu sound delicious! I first tried tiramisu at an Italian restaurant this past June. The waitress gave my husband and I a piece for our anniversary. I’m not a big chocolate person but wow! That was delicious! That would be a great vape!! I wonder if anyone has recipes for it?
Thanks for the ideas and tips. I’m exited to try the caramel now. Lol I want to put another order in now for the other flavors mentioned…its never ending with flavors :grin:


Chocolate in tiramisu? Some cocoa powder on top yeah but no chocolate.

Also why do i see marsala in every english recipe? https://www.crownwineandspirits.com/amaretto-disaronno-originale-750ml/


They had what looked like to be chocolate drizzled on the plate and powdery stuff on top of the cake.


oh oke a little as decoration i can understand, and it need cocoa powder on top


There is another great Caramel out there. Alice in Vapeland has a great creamy Caramel Extract. Been using it quite a bit lately. No “burnt” taste, smooth and delicious even at low percentages. Definitely worth adding to any Caramel collection. I love it with Apple and a few coffee/cappuccino mixes. I’m not really a fan of salted Caramel and this is just creamy Caramel.


Tirasmsu FA is for me atleast the dark note. The rest of the cake and filling is missing. 0.1-0.5 is all you need depending on how sensitive you are. To much and it makes things harsh and taste like burnt coffee.


Yea :grin: I had no idea what it was when she brought it. I took one bite and I was done for lol… I couldn’t stop myself