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Looking for caramel


I have TPA Caramel and could never taste it in any recipe until I mixed it in Tribeca.
#115 TFA Brown Caramel *** Tribeca -----------50ml -------------------------DO again
TFA RY4 Double 12%
TFA Graham Cracker 4%
TFA Acetyl Pyrazine 2%
TFA Caramel 2% –-------------was CA
TFA Brown Sugar 1%–------------- was TFA Cotton Candy 1%
http://tjek.nu/r/MH9 (4.5 stars-Tribeca)
0mg 30/70 Rating:8.0 No idea what Tribeca is suppose to taste like but I’m getting what I believe, is a true caramel taste. My idea of caramel should taste like, is very present and delightfully strong. My only possible improvement would be adding a touch of sweetness to the taste. 4 week steep min. See #189
Suspect caramel is what you think caramel should taste like. I know what it taste like now—WOW !!!


Just noticed Emojis are back!! Thank you @daath


This sounds yummy!! I have the Ry4 double on its way, I just need the brown sugar and I’m all set to mix. I’m gonna mix this up as soon as I get my brown sugar :ok_hand: thank you for the input


Where do I get that caramel from? That sounds like something I’d like to try.
@Chrispdx so do u mix custards and creams with tiramisu? And cake? I’ve been searching for a good cake base but I haven’t been able to find the right one yet. The ones i tried haven’t wowed me yet. Unless its just my inexperience right now.


I do mix some custard…but not that much. My go to for eggy custard is from inw.

As for cakes…I haven’t really jumped into the cake side. I’m in the same boat…nothing has struck me as wow. Mainly since I like fruit vapes, some ry4 mixes, and orange. Lol.


I got your pack from Bull City. Love it so far. :smile: that salted carmal cream!! So good. Check that recipe out @Jazzy_girl!


Awww yay! Thanks! I’m glad you like it. :smiley: One of those crazy things that just kinda happened. Sometimes simple just works. :stuck_out_tongue:


I actually did order the salted caramel from bull city @jojo recipe pack. I cant wait to try it! I’ve been mixing for 7 months now and my juices are just now starting to taste really good. I just happen to be searching for a new great flavor and recipe. Lol I’m a flavor chaser I guess.


My personal fav is FA caramel adds such a nice flavor at 2./. ! That’s were I usually like it at! Mix that with caps or tfa bav cream at same percentage and walla heaven! Steep this for a month and you won’t regret it!

Or this one too!


TPA Caramel Original is really good


Can’t say I ever tasted a bad caramel. My favorites are Salted Caramel (FW) and Caramel (Original) (TPA)…


Might want to fix that before it gets merged and disappears! :wink:


These look delicious!! I didn’t realize what I was missing not having a few caramel’s in my stash!! I had a small tester but I only used it sparingly. I’ll def give ur recipe a mix. I need a few more flavors…story of my life lol. But I’m always looking for new delicious recipes! Thank u


Oh good because those are the two I chose to order for now :wink:


Never noticed this thanks! At least it didn’t say barbarian cream lol!


tbh i haven’t tried many caramel flavors in general… Caramel (original) by TPA was the first caramel i ever tried and suited perfectly in my mixes…i have tried Also the FA Caramel once… it wasn’t bad at all… just caramel (original) by tpa suited me much better… since then i haven’t messed with other caramel flavors…
the profile i would give is:
it’s Caramel, it’s not (very) sweet and at the same time gives a creamy feeling in the liquid

this gives me the advantage to mix by using in combination other flavors that are sweet, or being able the amount of sweeteners if i consider my mix needs myself,

Some Flavors with a fast thought that i have used it :
Kentucky Burbon (TPA)
Sweet Cream (TPA)
Vanilla Swirf (TPA)
French Vanilla Deluxe (TPA)
RY4 Double (Tpa)
RY4 Asian (Tpa)
Greek Yogurt (Tpa)
(DX)/ Bavarian Cream (Tpa)

in mix with other flavors i would say 2.5% i a good percentage to start…
while as a single flavor i would say that 8% is good for me…

though in percentages is just MY personal preference…

gl and have fun :slight_smile:


Thank you! This helps alot!! I recognize all the flavors except RY4 Asian (Tpa). What is that like?


@Jazzy_girl I’m very fond of FA Caramel. For me it’s dead on accurate with no off putting notes.


Ooh, sounds good! I am going to try it!


RY4 Double is amazing! It’s probably my favorite flavor and the main ingredient in my favorite ADV! I like the recipe Candybeca, but @Brotherbob1’s Tribeca might actually become a tough competitor based on reading the recipe.