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Looking for caramel


I cant wait to get my flavors now!! Hopefully they come tomorrow. I’m excited to try @Brotherbob1 recipe!


Alice in Vapeland sells it. They are a small, not well known company out of the Midwest. @KrisKing84 introduced me to them and I can say I have not been disappointed with any of their flavors.


I really do love them. Natural tasting flavors. Their fresh cherry is to die for. All of the other cherry flavors I have tried taste medicinal like a cough drops but not theirs. But their flavors are very light.


You won’t be disappointed with the tfa caramel original. FA caramel is good. It’s what I usually use.


Just a heads up in case anyone cares (I don’t think it’s been mentioned in this thread but I might have missed it), tpa caramel original does have some sugar in it. Fructose or corn syrup or something…I can’t remember. Just fyi. :wink:

Edit! This seems to be incorrect. See post #66 below. :point_down:


since you’re familiar with the ry4 double i would say that it’s in a way similar but MORE on the tobacco side… less (if not at all) vanilla/caramel notes in it… and for sure not sweet as the double version… i mostly use it in combination with ry4 double in small percentages (like 3%) to boost the tobacco taste a little more… think something like:

Ry4 double 6-8%
Ry4 Asian 3%

as a base to use with creams/caramels or whatever you like to work with :slight_smile:
i hope this helped you out :wink:


That does help. Thank you for the info, ill put it in my notes.


Tpa caramel original contains “sugar syrup” which could lead to carbonyl compounds being released upon dry hit or caked coil. I am okay with the “naughty list” but for me this goes on the no go dirty list.


Thank you! Thats valuable information and thanks for teaching me something new. I need to start a “naughty list” too. If you dont mind me using that.
Is there a list somewhere on ELR or somewhere online, of the flavor concentrates, that contain “sugar syrup”?


Yes indeed. Easiest way to find it is to search for the “tiki roar” thread. And we refer to DAAP flavors as “Naughty” but i consider ones with sugars as “dirty”


I just noticed @VapeyMama actually mentioned TPA original containing sugars first. I believe she came up with naughty as well lol


sure? i didnt see any sugar syrup in the caramel original but the dx caramel has a corn syrup. havent had caramel original to ever gunk coils either although tfa caramel does every time. this is what i found on caramel original…https://shop.perfumersapprentice.com/componentlist.aspx?sku_search=337150
it does have some bad things in it though but sure tastes yummy


Interesting! I’m positive that in the past I read on the tpa site that there was a sugar ingredient. Now its not there! There is a warning on the elr flavor listing for sugar still…hmmmm…
DX Caramel also has a sugar warning in the flavor list here, but the tpa site isn’t showing that in the ingredients either. I wonder if they reformulated them…?


Send Bill an email? He answers in one day


I really like Capella’s Caramel. The “Natural Butterscotch” from FW is also very good, and not as candy-like as some caramels and butterscotch flavors.


Email is sent!


if you haven’t tried flavor revolutions caramel i would recommend trying it.


Thanks, I actually need to put an order in with Nicotine River soon. I’ll add that one.


if you do you might as well try their sweet cream too. like that one more than cap and tpa.


Read it here. Did not vet the claim myself as i should have…