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Looking for caramel


Diyfs has several caramel flavors that are in VG and PG. the ones I have are array of flavors caramel and diyfs caramel. The “AR caramel” so they call it of array of flavors is clear and seems a bit weak. The diyfs caramel is dark and has a more buttery rich flavor than the clear one. Sadly, I haven’t messed with these too much. Tfa caramel original is my fave though. A chocolate covered caramel like reisen sounds really good eh?


Thank you and “yes” a chocolate covered caramel raisin sounds great!!! I haven’t dabbled in any chocolate flavors yet. Have you?


Yes with near disastrous results.


Oh no. I’ve had enough juice turn out to be disasters. so, ill steer clear of chocolate for awhile.


I had trouble remembering the exact spelling as well! :wink: I guess it’s been too long since I last had one!

No raisins here (fortunately for me) :laughing:


That sounds good! A confectionary of chocolate and chocolate flavored caramel. Boy I was way off on that one lol! Ty for clarifying that. I guess I never heard of a riesen before now.


im glad we have the spelling B champ helping us out.:grinning: i think i would come closer to riesen chocolate caramel for real rather than in an e liquid


:laughing: like I said…I screwed up the spelling too! If it wasn’t for Google auto-correcting the Reisen I typed in… I’d still be spelling Riesen wrong (well, at least until the next time I bought a bag)! :stuck_out_tongue: lol


Oooooh Storck Riesen… one of my childhood favorites. These chocolate covered ones didn’t exist before… maybe the 90s but the originals were out of this world. There were chocolaty dark brown ones and normal caramel ones… I have to get some next time…


My question about caramels is: Do most of them need a long steep or uncapping? because I’ve tried several and they overpower (chemical-like or burnt).


Some caramels do not like high temps depends on which you are using. Chemical maybe from a little bit too much flavour again depends on which you are using. I would not uncap or leave uncapped.


Thanks about the capping information. I used the median % for the recipes: Caramel (FA) 1% and Caramel Original (TPA) 2%

I’m not a high temp vaper when using TC. Usually around 230 C. Which equals 446 F.


How long did it steep for?

It should be ok at those % and those temps maybe it just needs a little more time.


11/29/17 and 12/10/17. Long enough, huh? Did I mention that the FA is paired with Vienna Cream (FA) and the TPA is in a recipe with Belgian Waffle and Vanilla Swirl (both TPA)?


Ya plenty long enough not sure why you are getting what you are getting from them - maybe it is just one of those flavours you can really taste. you may have to experiment with the levels (or dilute them mix a bit) other than that sorry I have no answer.


I just love caramel, I got mine from https://www.simplyeliquid.co.uk/product-category/e-liquids/ and tried to do similar but it turned out nothing like it lol


Thx, appreciate the help. I think you’re right about dialing it down for my taste buds. Either I’m sensitive to those particular caramels or I just need to try some more. Silhouette says she really likes Hangsen Caramel Toffee. That’s one I haven’t tried yet.


I tried adding a small percentage of pre-mixed caramel (the one mentioned above with Vienna Cream) to a recipe where I purposely omitted the caramel. That seemed to work out better for me. It gave the recipe what it needed w/o the overpowering caramel that I’ve been experiencing.


I agree - I’ve found that FW Butterscotch has a phenomenal caramel flavor, not (to me anyway) the typical butterscotch flavor like candies or cookie chips.


True, caramel seems to have a very narrow sweet spot to me.