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Looking for caramel


@VapeyMama has an email out to Bill from tfa so we all can stop guessing in a few.


Had flavor revolutions caramel on my list and picked up a small tester of their butterscotch a while back. Damn it smells delish!


i didnt wait for feedback on their flavors and just went for it. happy i did… i got blue raspberry, ripe banana, kiwi, green apple, mango, cantaloupe, sweet cream, caramel, grape candy, cotton candy, peach, and red raspberry all are very good.


I’ll give the FR a try! I’m looking forward to giving them a try now. Ty


what % did you use with the blue raspberry? ive got that one too and it smelled weak. is it or is my smeller fried? i ordered caramel, vanilla custard, grape candy and something else that i already forgot from NR.


Bill from TPA got back to me, here’s the convo:

I seem to remember seeing a sugar ingredient (I can’t remember what kind exactly) in your caramel original and your dx caramel original. But I just looked today and didn’t see anything sugar-related listed in the ingredients. Am I correct that they used to have sugar of some sort? And if so, have they been reformulated?

Hello Mandy!

Those flavors have never contained sugar! You might be thinking of the Graham Cracker flavor, which does contain some corn syrup.

Bill Brewer

So there you have it! Apparently they never had sugar ingredients which honestly blows my mind. Lol I’m not sure where the original sugar warnings came from, but considering the unbelievably amazing transparancy of this company, I’m taking Bill’s word as truth.

Wait! There’s more! see post #68 below… :confused:

Tiki roar (FA)

Thats great news! Thanks @VapeyMama for taking the time put and clearing this all up. Now I can rest assured there no potential carbonyl compounds in my TPA caramel. Yay!! They"un naughty" listed.


Alright now just another heads up… As you can see, Bill mentioned there being corn syrup in their graham cracker flavor. BUT after posting above I got curious and looked it up, and there isn’t corn syrup listed. I emailed Bill again for some more clarification. My concern is that if he says there’s corn syrup and its not listed, then might it be possible that there’s actually corn syrup in other flavors that don’t list it? Anyway, stay tuned I guess. I’ll pass on any info I get.


We should change your sub title to inspector booze wench.


:musical_note: “Inspector Booze Wench, do duh do duh do do doooo…” :musical_note:


I ordered a bunch of tester sized flavor revolution as well. Also got the caramel and butterscotch. Worth a try cant wait to test them. …


Ok this was an oversight on my part. I was looking at the flavor components list and did look not at the other ingredients. So it does look like the regular graham has corn syrup, and I still believe that the caramels do not. Hope I didn’t confuse anyone! :laughing:


It needs to be changed on this site then eh? Thank you for the email to bill!


Yes! @daath can the sugar warnings be taken off of caramel original and dx caramel original?


Done. :slight_smile:


Lots of places still list it containing corn syrup:


Just to name a few. Did your research reveal artificial coloring, because that is definitely in there (in the non-DX at least) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think they got that description from TPA themselves. I listed it as “a form of sugar” :slight_smile:


Here’s what I was able to find on the tpa site for caramel original

and dx caramel original

I don’t see anything about artificial/caramel color for either of them. Which does seem weirdly suspicious seeing how caramel original is obviously brown (I’ve never used the dx CO). Unless one of the other ingredients is brown… Maybe the vanillin?


That’s weird. I couldn’t find anything either…


@JoJo I mixed your salted caramel and it great!! Very delicious recipe!


Awww thanks! :smiley: Glad ya liked it.