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Looking for Input on a New Mod


So, I finally was able to put the cigs down…at least for now. It has been 2 days since I lit one and I have noticed a slight problem with my vape setup. I have had to chain vape a lot over the last 2 days and it is killing my batteries and my mod and the batteries are getting a little too warm for my comfort. I am looking for something that is more efficient and versatile. Right now I am using a Smok Procolor with an assortment of different tanks. I generally vape in the 40-50w range. The batteries I am using are Sony VTC6 (3000 mAh, 30A) and on pair of Efest IMR (3000mAh, 35A).

I would like to find something that is TC, either 2 or 3 batteries, not too big in your hand, will fit a variety of tank sizes, and doesn’t look like it belongs in a Joel Schumacher directed Batman movie.

I really like the Lost Vape DNA mods (Therion and Paranormal) and they would be my first choice, but they are a little more than I want to spend right now. I have also looked at the Smoant Battlestar and Charon, Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3, Smok GX350, Joyetech Cuboid, Sigelei 213, Think Vape Finder DNA250, and Hcigar VT250 to name a few.

Any thoughts and advice on this subject would be greatly appreciated. I have looked at so many of them at this point that my head is swimming and I really don’t know what would work to solve my problem…I think the Lost Vape mods, as well as the Think Vape Finder would do the trick, but I am having a hard time justifying the entry fee.


Perhaps a couple more for you to investigate voopoo drag and the gtrs vboy


I can recommend both of these. My husband uses the charon daily and has no complaints. We both use the gen3, its a really nice mod, crazy fast fire time, and the 510 connection has been fixed so that its not just sitting in the top of the mod (think predator) ready to fall out…lol


@woftam hit it right on the head. Voopoo drag. I like my two voopoo’s and if you look around you can get one for 40 dollars plus/minus 5dolllars. If you want to save up for a dna device voopoo is where it’s at for the price.


The gtrs vboy as @woftam mentioned or the Vaporesso Revenger, which is cheaper but a very good mod that is as accurate as any of my DNA 200/250 devices, small and super comfortable to hold and fire.


Thank you, @VapeyMama. Which Charon is he using? How is the battery life compared to the Gen3?


Thank you, @benjy337. Are the DNA mods worth the money?


They are worth the money to me, I build very low for mech mods (0.07 - 0.1) so I like having a reliable, accurate device to test my builds, to each their own though.
The best chipset there is IMO.
If you use TC, then they are the probably best, I personally don’t use TC.
Yihi are also very good, but not quite as user friendly.
BTW, the Vaporesso Revenger reads all my builds exactly as my DNA mods read them, so that shows it’s accurate. I’ve tried TC on the Revenger though. It really is a very good mod IMO.


Do you notice any difference in battery life between your DNA mods and the Revenger?


No, if there’s a difference it’s not noticable to me.


Don’t be expecting something spectacular though a 2 battery mod remains a 2 battery mod.



Check the specification of your VTC6
Discharge: 15A Max Continuous or 30A Max Continuous with 80C temperature cutoff
and pulse is 80A

I bought the same batteries. For the normal use i see no problem because pulse is 80A. But if my mod has a error it can go realy bad. A better choice is the VTC5a.



the choices i could give you from my experince for battery longevity are:

istick 100W TC (Dual Battery)
Vaporesso Tarot PRo 160W (Dual Battery)
Vaporesso Revenger 220W (Dual Battery)

i have both Rx300 and Rxgen3, battery life isn’t so long as someone expects… considering that you are able to use 3 and 4 batteries, batteries longevity isn’t higher than my vaporesso’s in same use, my vaporesso’s have more life under the same usage (80-90Watts that is my ADV), while the rxgen3 because of size turns very warm when chain vaping and i don’t like it… the joytech cuboid (150W) is a battery eater(i had for a few months and then gave it away, shortest battery life ever), no opinion for the gx350 or ijoy Maxo that are in almost same class…

yes unfortunately the DNA’s are kinda expensive unfortunately…

Smoant Battlestar and Charon TC seem to be a great choice in general though i don’t own one, but from people who own it i have heard the best :slight_smile: but no personal opinion…

but a more inexpensive way for battery life i guess the best choice is buying an external charger (if you don’t already have one) and charging a few sets in there…
buying a charger with like 4 or 6 battery slots you can be charging 4-6 batteries at once, (external chargers give a much better charging on batteries, imho they last much more than the fast charging of mods do, while they will live more in time) while you can have the batteries in plastic cases for moving them here and there… seriously external chargers are probably one of the best investments :slight_smile:
suggested brands: Nitecore, Xtar :slight_smile:

the batteries i use are: Sony VTC5A, LG HG2,


I have the vopoo Drag…the Charon and the GTRS VBOY…plus a few others but above your price range…but the best bang for the buck is the Drag or the VBOY…the VBOY would be my choice…its has a great chip in it…fits great in the hand…very accurate in TC mode…well built…and cheap…I got mine from Eightvape…I got one an ordered another 2 weks later…I like ordering my mods from the USA incase I get a bad one …it sucks to ship back to china…
Any ways like I said the Drag or VBOY will fill your needs I think…


Yep An external charger is a must, and not even that expensive. Opus is a top off the line brand aswell or so i’m told.

My nitecore suits me just fine though. 2 of them actually a 4 slot for at home and a 2 slot for when I’m traveling. Got both of them with the slow boat from china


I could help make your life more complicated with even more choices, but I won’t. (Cough, iPV8 :smirk: )

I will say, however, that if TC is a requirement, avoid the 213. From all accounts, it is a great mod in power mode but there are issues with its’ TC side that last I heard have not been corrected. I have a couple Sigelei mods and love them, so there’s no bias here. Just noticed you have TC and 213 in the same post.


@WitchWolf I’ve not experienced this at all. The Cuboid 150w is actually one of the more reliable daily drivers, and I’ve used mine with Samsung 25r5’s literally every day for well over a year.

I would not hesitate to recommend one to friend or family alike. With respectable batteries of course.


Agreed. The Opus BT-C3100 is hands down the best charger for the money that you’ll find. Feature rich, but more importantly, has the functionality needed to maintain a long and healthy battery life.
It’s modestly priced as well.


Very good deal for the Opus BT - C3100 V2.2 Smart Battery Charger


My experience with this product isn’t the same as yours… On same usage every other of my mods have better life than with it :slight_smile: still there are way many devices out there that are much better… (still as far I remember can’t fire coils tgat require over 25amps too, don’t know if this was fixed with any upgrade too)