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Looking for Input on a New Mod


OK I’m going to be the oddball perhaps and say that from a TC perspective my choices would be:

CKS Icon 200 (But yes with the graphics on it, it might belong in a Batman or anime movie) <-- It is far and away my favorite TC mod though. It may actually be my favorite mod.

GTRS Vboy with the Yihi Sx500 <- also great TC control and a great form factor.

DNA but I’d stay away from the 60 and 75 if battery life is a key concern, the efficiency suffers on them including the 75c and you’ll get better battey life elsewhere.

The Modefinied SIrius also does an excellent job and the design is pretty nice.

Still a fan of the brown LG batteries

For chargers I prefer the display on my Xtar to the Nitecore I have-- but both are good chargers.


That’s all I use; oddly some are over two years old and way past 500 cycles and are still in use. And while I’ve had zero issues in two years with my Nitecore i4’s, I would get that Opus if I needed a new one. Looks good, priced good.


@Amorphia I do have an external charger (Nitecore) with 4 pairs of batteries. I plan to get a couple pairs of Sony VTC5a or LG HG2 and give them a try. Do you have any noticeable heat generation when chain vaping on the Revenger?


Thank you, @AlanS. I like all 3 of those and have had multiple people suggest all of them. I really like the Vboy, but not sure about the ergonomics and fire button placement. How does it feel in your hand when firing? Once you get used to it, do you ever miss a side mounted thumb fired button?


For a budget TC mod you might want to take a look at eleaf and load it up with artic fox


iPV8, eh? Nothing wrong with being informed about things I had not previously considered, @TW12. Pioneer4you, correct?


@Cubano_v2 You mention the Modefined Sirius, do you have any experience with the Modefined Prism?


Budget is always good, but I am almost leaning towards spending a little more to ensure that I get something that will last and that I will be happy with for a long time, but there are just so many out there. Decisions, decisions.


I am using it daily… 80-95 watts… Never had a heat problem even when chainvaping…building coils at .2ohms… At this watts range batteries work well and the mod doesn’t get warm… if you plan to use on higher watts range sorry but i don’t have experience on this… for that i am using the RX300 (quad)

Just for more info:
My adv tank is azeroth by coilart (triple deck, Clapton coils, 0.2 build)
When I use pharaoh rta I use the dual coil velocity deck, .2 build with alien coils)

I have worked with tc (I have made the upgrades) didnt had to deal with any problems too) worked fine with my ss316l clapton build (I dont use ti or ni)

I don’t say that its 100% perfect but it’s a pretty descent mod for its money and works pretty well for me… I get like 8 hours with a set of batteries on my setups and usage… I surely need to switch a set of batteries in the day… Though i vape like 30ml per day…

Just saying for being able making a comparison with your usage :slight_smile: if this can help you… If you need or want to know something else feel free to ask…


I hear ya just thought it might be an option to test TC out


i can tell you i have been running my eleaf 200w tc with arctic fox for about 3 months and it has been dropped several times, for $15.00 you cant really go wrong.




I use the Smoant Charon TC 218 daily, uses 2 battery and i do like 1,5 and somethimes 2 days with it.
Ofcource i do not chainvape it :slight_smile:
Recomended model, having it about 4 or 5 months now and never had any complaint on it.


Yes. But @Cutlass92 pointed out a $15 option that with Arctic Fox would be a steal, almost nothing to lose.


I bought 3 one in each color, gave one to a buddy my wife uses one and I use the other, we use them every day, no issues over the last theee months, I figure with what I paid for them they are paid for, I want to order a few more of them.
Tell you what @WitchWolf order that mod I posted a link to, if you don’t like it I will buy it from you.
But you’ve got to load arctic fox on it.


Definitely going to think about that one. Thank you for the link. I do have slight concern with ordering from China though. I have read some horror stories with Chinese distributors. Have you ever had any issues ordering from 3fvape? How long does it take to arrive and clear customs?


no issues at all, i try to keep my orders out of china sub $100.00 range so it costs them more to get the money than customs gets in taxes.


I have to suggest a Triad DNA 250. I have one and I absolutely love it. I have never been able to get temp control right for me on any other mod I owned. While I still mainly use power, I can finally get a TC vape that I enjoy.
The warranty on the board and the customer service of Evolve were big selling points to me.
Next up…Lost Vape Drone. Squonker with a DNA 166 in it! Yes please.


The VBOY fits perfect in the hand…the pic makes it look real curvy but its not…as far as the fire button…its perfect…the way you hold it your thumb is ready to fire it…it also has a good battery life…for me any ways…its got a .4 coil and I vape at 45 watts…or if in TC I vape at 420f


As @AlanS said perfect fit in the hand and i like the button placement.

I should add the tank makes the mod look smallish it isn’t, the tank is big.