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Looking for Input on a New Mod


He has the charon 218 tc.

About 33% shorter…lol
He is a semi-light vaper, probably about 10ml per day tops, and he runs it at about 60 watts, it lasts him usually around 15 hours.


The tank doesn’t make the mod look small.
Somehow your hand makes the whole thing look small. Maybe it’s the angle…


It maybe a little of both - i don’t think i have huge mits but not something i have ever thought of :grinning:

Someone else mentioned ipv8 which i also like so here is a side by side


Girthy hands…


I do like the Triade, but entry fee is steep. I have to convince myself I won’t get buyer’s remorse and kick myself for spending that much on a mod. Truth be told, I hate even looking at another one already. I have only gotten back into vaping in the last 3 months or so and have only had this mod for about 2 months. If I had only known then what I have learned since, I would have bought a different first mod. Oh, well…

Since you mention the Lost Vape…do you have any thoughts on the Modefined Prism? It looks much like a Triade without the DNA chipset and can be had for under $50.


Cool. Thank you, @AlanS. The Vboy is definitely on the list. How sturdy is it when sitting on a flat surface? How big of a tank will fit without overhanging?


Thank you for the pics. It does look small in your hand. Gigantic tank!

What size is the base of that tank, @woftam? Steam Crave?


That is a 30mm tank in the pics i posted and the o/h is so small that you cannot really see it maybe .5 mm each side. I have not tipped it over yet with the 20ml aromamizer plus on it.


Effin’ Andre the giant over there… :rofl:


You know what big hands means.

Big gloves


You need to see a man about a horse? :wink:


Sorry but I know nothing of the Prism. Maybe I’ll give it a look though.


Hi, sorry, I don’t-- Only one of their products I have is the SIrius


If you do a lot of outdoor work or play in dirty wet dusty environments I highly recommend the Aegis box mod that looks like this…
Anyone who trudges through mud water and dust in their daily activities should consider this one. You can clean it by running water over it, so you will save a little on the damp cloths.
I won one and can say, it will be my primary mod for my next camping trip :smile:. <–period
some weirdo reviewed it here…

@Cutlass92 comes to mind when I say hard workers (and their wifes) need these mods because they are almost indestructable :wink:


@Cubano_v2 Does the metal plate around the 510 act as a heat sink for the tank? I am thinking that a lot of my problem with heat in my mod might be due to the heat from the tank transferring to the batteries. A good heat sink might solve this. Was noticing on certain mods (the Sirius, Prism, Think Vape Finder, etc) there seems to be an extra metal plate around the 510 (which mine does not have) that could be for heat dissipation or just aesthetics. Do you have any ideas or thoughts about this?


My mods wear a 30mm atty and it complements them perfectly. I have enjoyed the feel and performance of the iPV8, and so far the Punk too.


@woftam Since you have both…what are your impressions when you compare the 2. I am starting to narrow it down, and these 2 are both in contention. It doesn’t hurt that I found both at decent prices(Vboy<$70, iPv8<$45). Which do you find yourself grabbing first? Do you like one better than the other?


The tc is very similar on both, the ipv8 is maybe a smidge easier to drive mostly due to the fact that there are less functions and memory features.

The vboy build quality is better imo - i have not found any issue with it so far, mind you it has not been used for a long time. The ipv8 did have battery door issues reported by some users (self opening) I have not seen this at all (the ipv6x is shocking).

So I guess if you want a mod that has a bunch of features and is well built - vboy is the answer (they can be found for around $55). If you want a mod that is a little simpler to drive but with less features and a smaller price tag then the ipv8.

Not really that helpful i know but I think you would like either one.


It is definitely helpful. Thank you. I have actually been leaning towards the Vboy, but not a huge fan of its looks. I guess that really shouldn’t matter, if it does the job. After all, the goal is to get of the cancer sticks for good. I just need something that is much more efficient, I am going through batteries pretty fast on this Smok. For a cheap intro into box mods, it has done its job relatively well, at least. When I started vaping again, I was still smoking and continued to until last weekend. Since I decided to set them down completely, I have vaped a ton. I need something that will keep up.

I have been seriously contemplating getting a 3 battery DNA, most likely the Think Vape Finder 250, but that would be well over $200 with batteries and a new charger. Any thoughts? I am fairly new to all of this and if I knew what I have learned since, I would never have gotten the Smok in the first place, though it was actually pretty cheap. I just don’t need to buy multiple mods when 1 will do the trick. Well, I will eventually want a regulated squonker as well, but that is another story.

Thanks again


Na sorry no dna mods here so cannot really give an informed opinion.