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Looking for Input on a New Mod


I just realized I totally didn’t answer your questions in my last reply. Lmao

I have two main mods that I use regularly (like I said, a 3 battery mod and a 4 battery mod).
I go through (on average) probably 40-50ml of juice per day I think…? Sometimes more sometimes less.


Thats a good way of putting it. Thanks, I’ll give it a try.


40-50ml a day! Holy crap. Good thing you DIY.


Right?! I’d go broke if I was still buying juice.


So, I decided to go with the Voopoo Drag. Though the battery door with the big DRAG on it is a bit lame looking, the resin panel looks decent and it seems to perform quite well so far. It is definitely an improvement from the Smok Procolor I was using. No heat issues so far and the battery life seems to be much better than the Smok.

Thanks to everyone for their input and suggestions regarding my quest. Hopefully this mod will serve me well as I continue to struggle with quitting smoking. You guys ROCK!


All these people buying poo!! Must be a pretty decent mod… Congrats man.


Thank you. Hate the name. Hate the battery cover. However, I am digging the mod so far. For the price I paid, I am quite happy with it.


My Ipv eclipse sits more idle than my voopoo’s do. Just to give you an idea.


Works for me; I’m not one to judge. Vape what ya dig, I always say! :+1:


Cigarettes would be cheaper if you didn’t DIY