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Looking for Input on a New Mod


That’s for sure! For what it’s worth, just go get two of them. Can’t have too many mods. Get a YiHi and a DNA. Heck, get an Arctic Fox conversion candidate too. YOLO!


He is right though at least I think he is. Once you start looking into it you’ll keep wondering how mod b preforms against mod a, just like how you wonder about wires, tanks etc.

Besides the op said in his opening post that he usually vapes between 40 and 50 Watts. To me I comes across as power mode, so why does he want tc? What wire is he planning on using? In what tank/RDA etc?


Some mods read TC in watts, some in Joules. I think he meant the ‘equivalent’ to 40-50w in power mode.

TC’s cool and fun to play with. To the point though, he does need to make a choice soon before his head explodes!


Yes and after he bought let’s say for example a triple battery DNA device his head will continue to explode.

“Hmm I really like this DNA but it is bulky dragging it every where I go, I wonder would a single or dual be better for when I’m out and about? Maybe this artic fox thingy I heard about? It isn’t even expensive.”

Yep we are our own worst enemy. :rofl:


Yep, it’s a great mod @ a great price, cannot go wrong with the Revenger.


The original thought process was to find something that could do TC and power mode well that also has long battery life and does not heat the batteries up like the one I have now does. I figured that if I could find one, I would save money in the long run, even if it was an expensive mod. I have already wasted money listening to people at local shops selling Smok stuff. While I don’t hate the Smok products (I even like some of the tanks still), the mod eave a little to be desired, as they seem almost disposable.

I recently started building coils and plan to experiment with TC using SS coil wire. The biggest thing is battery life and heat buildup.


Any of the above dual battery mod will satisfy your needs if battery life is the key factor. Then again, how much do you vape and what do you consider long battery life? 1 day, 2 days, 3 days?


Omg, i think I’d need a 30 battery mod to last me three days… :flushed:
I probably vape too much…


Yeah, like I said, some people would consider 1 day to be long while others don’t. Perfect example.


Absolutely. I easily go through 8 batteries or more in a day, while my husband makes 2 last for almost the whole day, and my roommate only has to charge his 3000mah mod every other day. HUGE differences from person to person.


Ocho. Golly that’s aliot of fa butter


Well, until I actually put down cigarettes (almost 2 pack a day habit) I was unaware of my mod’s heat issue. Once I went to vaping only, I turned into a vape fiend. When I get a bad craving, I tend to semi-chain vape until it is gone (6 or 12 mg liquid between 40-50w). My mod and batteries get very warm if I do this. Using Sony VTC6 batteries, I have to change them out at least once a day, so battery life in this mod is half a day if I am lucky. At time I have used 3 sets of batteries in a day. A more efficient mod should help with that. I also like mods that seem to have a heat sink around or built in to the 510. This should help divert heat from the battery compartment.


8 batteries a day? And I thought 6 was bad. Lol. Is tht with a single mod or multiple mods? How many ml do you average a day?


That whole battery life thing is a bug-a-boo for sure. It’s so hard to determine. All batteries have different mah ratings at different current draws. All mods have different efficiency ratings. I do the math for a current draw of around 20A (pretty low resistance build) and I get around 300 three second puffs for two batteries. That sounds pretty reasonable per my swag on what I get.


I use either a 3 or 4 battery mod 99% of the time. I usually change them twice per day or so… So 8+ every day. But I also vape at high watts, usually 100-130w depending on the atty. So that drains them fast.


In my eyes just don’t expect to much difference between all these mods in battery life or heat. Also per my limited experience TC doesn’t really do much for battery life or heat for that matter. TC controls the temp of your vape and some mods will be better then the others but not the heat off the batteries


Just ordered one as a result of your post. I’m in the UK and it worked out at £12.92! If it arrives and works it is a bloody steal.Thanks.


Dude put arctic fox on it if you run temp control, it will blow your mind!


Never gotten into TC, what would you say are the differences? Thanks for your response sir. Appreciated.


Dry hits are almost a thing of the past, you know when you forget to open your juice control :rofl:,
And you can take longer pulls without feeling like your opening the gates of hell.